It's Okay to Talk About It Now

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Should I tell them?  This was on my mind off and on for the past few months.  In this instance, "them" are you- my blogger friends and readers.  It began like this:

The holidays slid right by and New Year's was met with its usual subdued flair.  I was ready and waiting to get dug in to 2014 with renewed determination and hopefully some energy supplied by a committed determination to get on with things and make the changes I so want to make.

The first week of January I heard some sad news about the unexpected death of a blogger.  This hit me in the gut and stayed with me for some time. Throughout the year I had been saving some figurines to send to her.  Time and again I lost my nerve to contact her to get her mailing address.  I talked myself out of talking to her for any number of reasons, all imaginary on my part as the blogger was a lovely person who sometimes commented on my blog as I did on hers.

It was a strange feeling to be so moved by someone half a world away, whom I'd never met, but who I wanted to send this set of trinkets to since I knew how much she loved such things.  Not having sent them, she'll never know she was on my mind and I lost out on making her a little bit happy for a while.

That got me thinking about our blogs and that one day they will be abandoned.  We're no longer here to keep writing and responding to comments.  Do we leave them up if we have the choice or do we ask someone to make a final post saying to enjoy, but that the writer is no longer available to comment?!

Tomorrow I will tell you why I was absent from my blog all these weeks and why I have not replied to emails (I'm sorry for that.)


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I know a little how you feel, Gloria. Do you remember the advice you gave me when I told you about my old boss? I think I told you that I did contact him after all and it made all the difference to me--even if I don't get to see him again. I'm always here for you, my friend, anything I can do.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, I am so sorry! It's one of those things, you will always think, "I should have." But, you know, you didn't. Don't beat yourself up for that! Things happen in life and we don't know why. All we can do is move on. I am sure this blogger knows how you are feeling, and she is telling you, it's ok! Hugs ;o)

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Gloria! I am so sorry you are in this spot. I agree with Stacy that she is there telling you it's all okay. And really, when its all said and done, the spirit lives on. She knows how much you care, altho' I'm sure that doesn't make it any easier.

I was so happy to see your post in my email. I've been thinking of YOU and wanted to email you to see if you are okay. Well you know how that turned out. Am I still your blogger friend?

Sending you lots of love and hugs and positive energy! I've missed you.

Gloria said...

I want to give each of you a big hug and a thank you, friends. I welcome your words and will remember your kindnesses. (I sent emails.)