What if Everyday Was New Year's Day?

aceo paper collage newendstudio
Another twelve months spent as the sands of time run between our fingers.  Did we reach for the stars with the help of a step ladder?  Is a try as good as a win?  The To Do List gets longer, not shorter. But isn't that the way it should be?  

Are we wiser and not just older?  Are we happier or better by savoring contentment?  Have we reached any of our goals?

What if everyday was New Year's Day?  It's the day after the party, after the expectations and the list making.  Resolution and forward thinking plus planning finds its way into the week after Christmas and before the long weeks of winter and hibernation ensue. 

What if everyday was the day commitments were begun?  What if all day long, it being New Year's Day each and every day, the promise to ourselves took the best seat in the house.  

Every day we get a chance to start our Second Act.  Our New Year's is not inscribed in stone, not yet.

I was looking through my photos (the ones the computer didn't lose for the third time) and saw this one of my aceo, Second Acts.

2013 was to be the end of one era for me and 2014 to be the Second Act so to speak.  But, as things happen, I'm still going to be in a 2013 state of being for the foreseeable future.  2014 living will be my New Year's Day whichever day it falls on in the new year.  

I said this last year , and it's worth repeating:

"Thank you for bringing laughter, wisdom, and heartfelt tears."  
Let's renew and continue to meet again in the New Year..."

All the best to you in 2014 and may your plans be well played out for you and those you love.  See you soon...


Craftymoose Crafts said...

This is a wonderful sentiment..to treat every day as New Year's. That way, there is always a chance to set a new goal, to be a better person, and to lose that extra darn 5 pounds that always seems to stay too long!

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, this is a fantastic post! I love it! Thank you! Great way to look at things! I love that aceo you made! My friend, things will get going for you! I know it in my heart ;o) Thanks for being you and I wish you so much in 2014! Big Hugs xooxox
Oh, Debbie was talking about 5 pounds, how about 10 pounds? LOL!

Gloria said...

You're so lucky, only 5 pounds!!!

Thanks, Debbie. I think my dogs have made me see how each morning is a fresh start. They are raring to go, looking for adventure, and don't hold on to the past. They wear me out though. lol

Happy 2014!

Gloria said...

You talk. Only 10 pounds what is yours and Debbie's secrets? I am finally inspired to lose (a secret number-hahaha) this year. Hoping by the end of Spring to really feel a difference and to chuck out the current size.

Your positivity is a gift- thank you!

Happy 2014!

Linda said...

Great post Gloria and a great way to look at everyday. Each day is precious and we should live it to the fullest. Be inspired.
Happy New Year...Be healthy and happy all year long.

Gloria said...

Thanks so much, Linda. You share so much on your blog- prolific! I'll try and find inspiration each day. Be well and enjoy your family this new year- you have my best wishes!

Dee @ A Lapin Life said...

So true Gloria! For me this year brings me hope. I had been ill but thought it was due to a lot of stress. It turns out it was due to my diet. No more gluten for me.
I hope you’re having a fantastic year full of joy and happiness.