Inspired by Four Letter Words Fourth Friday

made with four   

Did April go by in a blink of an eye or what?  Here we are at the fourth Friday and it's the first link and show your Inspired by Four Letter Words work.  The only four letter words we are using are ones that you can say on tv and not get bleeped.  Cool, calm, done, many, moon, able, book, vase, and so on...  There is more info in this post.

Link your blog post to the list below.  Pin your work to the Group Board on Pinterest, please leave a comment on the Group Board HERE  for an invitation to the Board.  Pinterest will send you the email/invite, accept it and you are added to the board.

four letters inspiration
My work was inspired by decluttering and coming across an old "Clue" game. That was the start of an idea for a collage using items from the Clue game. The word that inspired me, was "mask."  I had a 100 plus years old book that is too fragile to use in most ways, and one of the stories in the book is called, "The Mask."  From there, I incorporated a made up fairy tale, wing(s), tree, lady, road (map), moon, flag, and you get the idea.  I used several four letter words.

collage by New End Studio
The Mask
The photos are a little blurry and the scanner was not cooperating either.  In a week or so I should have a new camera and hopefully the photos will be improving. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

Magazine clippings, acrylic paint, watercolors, pens, wrapping paper, transfers, book pages, maps, cardstock, game pages, and acetate were mounted on cardboard.   Size is 8 x 11 inches.

Mark your calendars for next month's link, May 24, the fourth Friday.  Choose your own Four Letter Word and start making, writing, sewing, photographing, beading, etc.  Any way you choose to express the inspiration...  Hope to see you then.

Now let's see what you made and Thank You for joining this slightly different challenge.

Pillow Fight! Send Me a Feather and a Four Update

wishes and prayers
I used a free photo from the Morgue File and edited with text, etc.
Coming in midway through the story...

The one time I thought I would not get an answer, the strange thing is, I asked for a feather, a single solitary feather, don't ask me why I chose a feather, I just said what popped into my mind.

When I got to my destination, the whole front lawn was covered in feathers.  It was as if there had been a huge pillow fight on the lawn or the skies opened up and feathers rained down, or there had been a wild duck party and brawl- I don't know how the feathers got there.

What I do know is that I was stunned to see hundreds perhaps thousands of feathers where there should have been none.  People looked at them, but no one said a word, as if they didn't acknowledge it, it wouldn't be real.

Did I take that this as my answer?  I did not.  If people can talk themselves out of believing, they will and they do.  So I did.  There was no way that little ole me would get masses of feathers as a sign when I only wanted one, one in an unexpected place, one where no one else but me would see it and know that it was put there just for me.

What did these hundreds of feathers mean?  Was it a joke?  "Hey, you asked for a sign- is this good enough for you?"  These many feathers left me walking on air, maybe these really were sent as an answer.  Maybe it does matter what I think, say, and do on a daily basis.  Maybe He heard me.  But, no, this was too much.  I couldn't be that one girl who gets the answer she is seeking.

You ask for something, but do you really want it?  What's the risk?  What's the harm?

Which brings me back to what popped into my mind.  Maybe it was one of those premonitions where the phone rings and you know who is calling, or you decide not to go somewhere and you later find out that there was a car accident or something like that in the place where you would have been.  Maybe my nose was tickled two miles away by the masses of feathers and so I asked for one because it would have been outnumbered and that would give me a reason to disbelieve.  I don't know.

That is what happened.  I took the road of uncertainty and disbelief, leaving the feathers on the ground and the dream unfulfilled.

What do you think, Fact or Fiction?

four letter creations
Making More With Four
Just a Reminder/Update to our Four participants, or if you haven't read More Making Do With Four and would like to know what it's about, take a quick read and then on Friday, April 26, (next Friday) come and link up to show us what you made.  Looking forward to all the variety!

I set up a Group Board on Pinterest for us to pin the items we have made.  To pin, leave a comment on the board so I can send you the invite.  Here is the Group Board Link.

The Victory Goes to Currants and a Scone Recipe

Quick and Easy Currant Scones

scone recipeI was in the mood to make Hot Cross Buns for Eastertime, but once I remembered the buns needed yeast as they are a dough concoction, I set about making scones instead.

You know about liking certain foods and not eating others, well for me that food I don't want to touch are the innocent Raisins.  I know, they are really grapes, and so are Currants, but for me, Currants are the only way to go.  So, if you want to make a substitute in this recipe for raisins either Golden or regular, go for it.  Any diced, dried fruit would work.

Quick and Easy Currant Scones
Makes about a dozen as pictured.


  • 2 cups Regular Flour
  • 3/4 tsp Baking Soda
  • 2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 3 tsp Sugar
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 3/4 cup Milk
  • Little milk to brush on top of scones before baking
  • Currants, About 1 cup or less, depending on your desire
To rehydrate your Currants and make them moist and the scones even better, Put your currants in a teacup or small bowl, cover with hot water and allow to soak for at least 20 minutes.  Drain off the water completely before adding the currants to the mixture. Rehydrating them makes a big difference, you can do this for raisins the exact same way.

Stir Flour, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Sugar, and Salt (all the Dry Ingredients) together until everything is well blended.
Add currants.  Stir to coat currants with a knife.  A regular table knife, not a spoon, it makes a difference as the spoon keeps collecting the dough and the knife will be easier to wipe the mixture back into the bowl.

Add Milk, stir after each 1/4 cup.  Let rest for a few minutes.  Now Preheat the oven to 400F.

Roll out mixture onto a floured surface with a rolling pin or use a clean pipe or a floured glass.
If you need to regroup the mixture and reroll to get more out of your work, just add flour to surface as necessary so mixture doesn't stick.
Cut out your scone shapes with a biscuit or cookie cutter or a glass or mug or just use a knife.
Let rest for a few minutes.

Place in greased pan with sides of scones touching.  Brush tops of scones with milk to get a browner,  finished look.

Bake for 11-14 minutes.  Put them on a rack to cool.  Can be served warm or cold.  Slice in half and spread on the butter and jam. These scones go well with tea.  Enjoy!

This Time Tomorrow

art card aceo
Countdown- feeling lost 10; eating a boatload of Cadbury Mini Eggs 9; picking up the Basil and liberally pouring it into the pot when it was supposed to be Parsley 8; thinking about shutting down 7; letting someone's evil backstabbing get to me for a bit 6; the computer not working for a few days even after forking over a chunk of money to fix it 5; eye problems 4; avoiding the scale 3; finding a new tumor on Lucy 2; deciding this is all water under the bridge 1.  My week in review.

Now, instead of sloshing about in self pity I want to share some posts with you that have just recently turned up in my Dashboard Reading List.

There was a blog I haven't seen updated for months and all of a sudden 45 posts appeared in one day.  Other blogs aren't updating at all.  A few blogs I never heard of and didn't follow have been appearing.  Believe me, I don't want to read about fish species and where to catch them. It may be that I will have to check out the readers that others are switching to once Google Reader disappears- and I don't use that now.

So, this time tomorrow, I will be happy to read about other's good fortune, the presents received, the babies yet to be born, the new adventures and the skills learned.    Sometimes when circumstances implode it makes almost everything around look bleak, even when it's not.  A break, a step back, breathing, separating from the source of conflict and soon enough I'm ready to jump back in.  Not always immediately, sometimes longer than is good, but eventually, as there must be some DNA in me that likes the challenge.  

Are you naturally self confident or do you have moments where you waver?


Corn Fritter Confession Plus a Quick and Easy Corn Fritter Recipe

Looking back, I could not tell you how many times corn fritters were part of the meal on a cold winter day.  Mom often made these as a side dish to her stews.  She was an adventurish cook.  Mom was Welsh, but we ate the cuisine of Italy, Poland, Ireland, France, Russia, Spain, and so on.  So, where she got the idea to make a Southern favorite, Corn Fritters or Corn Pancakes, I couldn't say.  I'm just glad she did.

corn pancakes fritters
After eating them at the stove, I had two more on a plate!
I recently took the plunge and cooked some corn fritters.  Why, oh why, did I wait so long to make them?   Not sure what you do, but I don't taste test when I cook.  I don't sample, either.  But, I made an exception for the fritters.

Here's my confession:  Yep, I ate three as soon as they were not scalding hot.  Right there at the stove, I stood and ate. That's not perfectly round- Eat.  This edge is skewed- Eat.  That little one- Eat. Mind the drool as I type this.  You know what?  I'm not ashamed to admit that I ate them hot off the pan!!!  Overindulgence once in a while is a treat. ♥

Quick and Easy Corn Fritter Recipe  *See Notes

1 can of Creamed Corn
1/2 to 1 cup of Flour
1/2 to 1 Tsp of Baking Powder (Skip BP if you want a very flat fritter.)
1 Egg

Heat a pan on the stove with some oil, less than 1/4 cup unless you are comfortable with more oil.
Beat the egg in a bowl.
Put Flour and Baking Powder in a medium size bowl.
Add the entire can of Creamed Corn, liquid included, into the flour mixture.
Add the beaten egg to the mixture.
Blend until all combined, no need to beat.

Batter should be like a thick pancake, but not dry, heavy, or stiff.  If you need some moisture, add milk.

Test the oil first to see it is hot enough by dropping a little batter from the edge of your spoon into the oil, it's ready if the batter starts sizzling right away.
Drop by spoonful, whatever size you are comfortable with, into the Hot Oil. 
Let fritter cook for about 3-4 minutes until Golden Brown, then carefully turn to other side (flip) to cook.

Remove cooked fritter to a plate, line it with paper towel if you want to absorb some of the oil, otherwise, eat and enjoy!  Pour on maple syrup or honey or use a sweetened butter.  I use just a little plain butter, and even without butter, they are delish. ♥

For a fancier or more complete meal, add to batter:

Shrimp or Ham  (cooked and finely chopped)
Onions or Scallions (diced or chopped)

*Notes:  I am hesitant to specify exact amounts of Flour and Baking Powder as this will correspond to the size of the can of Creamed Corn.  For the small can, about 6 ounces, start with 1/2 cup Flour and 1/2 Tsp Baking Powder.  For the average size can, about 12 ounces, start with 3/4 cup and 3/4 Tsp.  You get the idea.  Over the past few years all sorts of food products in the USA have been downsized (but upped the prices), so originally this was a can of 16 ounces, but shrinking as we breathe.

Now that Winter is finally being warmed up by Spring, what Winter food or beverage are you going to shelve until it's all chilly and snowy again?  Hwyl fawr Hot Chocolate.  Hwyl fawr = Welsh  for Goodbye.

More Making Do With Four and an Idea

pencil geometric doodle aceo pocket art humor
What kind of April Fool pranks have you gotten away with?  When I was young I put a layer of salt over the sugar in the sugar bowl. My poor Dad got a cup of coffee that morning that was a nasty tasting surprise.

That was the first and last time I ever did something like that.  Although I helped my sister put banana peels inside his shoes that morning, too.  Oh, the things you do when you think you have license to get away.

They weren't very nice jokes, but no one was injured and I did feel bad about what my sister and I had done.  He needed to change his socks and my lessons in thrift and wastefulness were reinforced!  I do forget the punishment and by the next day it was all quiet on the homefront.

So, I had an idea about using four letter words, not the naughty ones, not the vulgar or offensive ones, (not judging or bleeping) but ordinary words that are four singular letters with a certain affect in our lives.  Ordinary, weird, powerful, alluring, cringeworthy; leaving out the other 22 letters leaves but four to make their point.

Today's word is, "More," and that April Fool's Day long ago showed me that one joke was plenty and two were too much, it was more than enough.  Do we ever have enough?  Are we looking for more?  More money, more love, more freedom, more food, more friends, more time?  More can be very good- more clean water, more medical care for people in need, more blue skies on the weekends, more hugs, more flowers, more gas mileage, and on...

the power of four letters
Take the Image as a Reminder
Will you join me in a four letter words inspired post?  Show your creation, it can be art, jewelry, needlework, poetry, photo, anything you'd like that ties in to the theme.  If you have a story or recollection, share that if you like.  We could connect these posts with a linky list if there's interest.

Here are some four letter words to get started:

pray   drum   glow   aura   fade   toss   mend   liar   rise   gild   tool  

blot   free   tint   tail   draw   wink   clue   fire   pipe   soul   boat   rush   hand  

ride   tear   cart   slip   belt   work   girl   wall  bury   band   tire   line   duck  scar

Select one of these or one of your own, such as an animal, or object, or other word that provokes a mood or has special meaning to you, just choose a four letter word.

TOO MANY WORDS?  Choose one of these:   ATOM   DAWN   RUSH   TIME   POUR   NAIL    

How does April 26th sound?  We could post our Four Letter Words on the 4th Friday of each month.  For me, I feel that once a month is manageable.  Any takers?  Hope you will give it a try and have fun with this idea to get minimal with four letters and make a visionary statement, a point of view, an artistic idea...

Some more words to choose from:

keep   hold   lull   iron   give   step   gang   mess   knot   coil   loss   time   love   room

mean   lack   full   sink   pain   zest   move   nest   glee   ease   dear   hurt   nice   gall

sore   hard   well   take   cold   warm   cure   high   airy   link   dump   long   baby   sing

face   grin   weed   sigh   game   doll   play   dice   arch   shoe   salt   joke   cafe   word

life   flat   wild   good   deck   bird   hope   ruin   show   wish   dude   safe   fish   ogle

fool   tank   bead   wise   file   ring   type   nose   star   hero   sign   halo   note   lion   barn

odor   herd   hobo   hair   last   snob   meek   vain   tiny   pomp   club   term   will   open   mate

shut   fair   evil   idol   cage   self   done   oven   rage   coin   pure   cast   name   tone   safe