More Making Do With Four and an Idea

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What kind of April Fool pranks have you gotten away with?  When I was young I put a layer of salt over the sugar in the sugar bowl. My poor Dad got a cup of coffee that morning that was a nasty tasting surprise.

That was the first and last time I ever did something like that.  Although I helped my sister put banana peels inside his shoes that morning, too.  Oh, the things you do when you think you have license to get away.

They weren't very nice jokes, but no one was injured and I did feel bad about what my sister and I had done.  He needed to change his socks and my lessons in thrift and wastefulness were reinforced!  I do forget the punishment and by the next day it was all quiet on the homefront.

So, I had an idea about using four letter words, not the naughty ones, not the vulgar or offensive ones, (not judging or bleeping) but ordinary words that are four singular letters with a certain affect in our lives.  Ordinary, weird, powerful, alluring, cringeworthy; leaving out the other 22 letters leaves but four to make their point.

Today's word is, "More," and that April Fool's Day long ago showed me that one joke was plenty and two were too much, it was more than enough.  Do we ever have enough?  Are we looking for more?  More money, more love, more freedom, more food, more friends, more time?  More can be very good- more clean water, more medical care for people in need, more blue skies on the weekends, more hugs, more flowers, more gas mileage, and on...

the power of four letters
Take the Image as a Reminder
Will you join me in a four letter words inspired post?  Show your creation, it can be art, jewelry, needlework, poetry, photo, anything you'd like that ties in to the theme.  If you have a story or recollection, share that if you like.  We could connect these posts with a linky list if there's interest.

Here are some four letter words to get started:

pray   drum   glow   aura   fade   toss   mend   liar   rise   gild   tool  

blot   free   tint   tail   draw   wink   clue   fire   pipe   soul   boat   rush   hand  

ride   tear   cart   slip   belt   work   girl   wall  bury   band   tire   line   duck  scar

Select one of these or one of your own, such as an animal, or object, or other word that provokes a mood or has special meaning to you, just choose a four letter word.

TOO MANY WORDS?  Choose one of these:   ATOM   DAWN   RUSH   TIME   POUR   NAIL    

How does April 26th sound?  We could post our Four Letter Words on the 4th Friday of each month.  For me, I feel that once a month is manageable.  Any takers?  Hope you will give it a try and have fun with this idea to get minimal with four letters and make a visionary statement, a point of view, an artistic idea...

Some more words to choose from:

keep   hold   lull   iron   give   step   gang   mess   knot   coil   loss   time   love   room

mean   lack   full   sink   pain   zest   move   nest   glee   ease   dear   hurt   nice   gall

sore   hard   well   take   cold   warm   cure   high   airy   link   dump   long   baby   sing

face   grin   weed   sigh   game   doll   play   dice   arch   shoe   salt   joke   cafe   word

life   flat   wild   good   deck   bird   hope   ruin   show   wish   dude   safe   fish   ogle

fool   tank   bead   wise   file   ring   type   nose   star   hero   sign   halo   note   lion   barn

odor   herd   hobo   hair   last   snob   meek   vain   tiny   pomp   club   term   will   open   mate

shut   fair   evil   idol   cage   self   done   oven   rage   coin   pure   cast   name   tone   safe


Little City Farm said...

Oooh, I like this. I am definitely in.

Lucy said...

I cannot remember for the life of me doing an April fools joke? You know why? Because I am not good with such antics but I am so sure I tried, especially as a kid. I bet I did the "switch the pepper and salt" that was big in my time. Anyway, I know what you mean, we have a way of taking things a tad too far, a little is fun and then a lot is not so fun. Now, if I was the creative type I would play along. You know I will pop in to see your creations :)

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh this looks like fun! but I think I'm too over committed to on-going hops at the moment to add one more to the list!

Magic Love Crow said...

You did some good April Fools jokes! Your poor dad! LOL! You know, I don't know if I have ever did an April Fools joke? Interesting to think about. I like what you said about more! Two sides to everything! I will join up for your Four ;o) LOL! And, I will try to do every month ;o) If anything changes, let us know ;o)

Additionsstyle said...

Your poor dad. I bet he smiled when you weren't looking :) I love your four letter word idea, very inspiring.
Everyday Inspired

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hey Gloria, I'm a little behind in my visiting, but I'd love to give your "four" challenge a try! I remember my sister & I swapped the whole sugar bowl for salt. Only did it one though. Can't remember any other pranks.

Chris said...

I'm up for it, sound like a fun idea. Need to put my thinking hat on though.