Pillow Fight! Send Me a Feather and a Four Update

wishes and prayers
I used a free photo from the Morgue File and edited with text, etc.
Coming in midway through the story...

The one time I thought I would not get an answer, the strange thing is, I asked for a feather, a single solitary feather, don't ask me why I chose a feather, I just said what popped into my mind.

When I got to my destination, the whole front lawn was covered in feathers.  It was as if there had been a huge pillow fight on the lawn or the skies opened up and feathers rained down, or there had been a wild duck party and brawl- I don't know how the feathers got there.

What I do know is that I was stunned to see hundreds perhaps thousands of feathers where there should have been none.  People looked at them, but no one said a word, as if they didn't acknowledge it, it wouldn't be real.

Did I take that this as my answer?  I did not.  If people can talk themselves out of believing, they will and they do.  So I did.  There was no way that little ole me would get masses of feathers as a sign when I only wanted one, one in an unexpected place, one where no one else but me would see it and know that it was put there just for me.

What did these hundreds of feathers mean?  Was it a joke?  "Hey, you asked for a sign- is this good enough for you?"  These many feathers left me walking on air, maybe these really were sent as an answer.  Maybe it does matter what I think, say, and do on a daily basis.  Maybe He heard me.  But, no, this was too much.  I couldn't be that one girl who gets the answer she is seeking.

You ask for something, but do you really want it?  What's the risk?  What's the harm?

Which brings me back to what popped into my mind.  Maybe it was one of those premonitions where the phone rings and you know who is calling, or you decide not to go somewhere and you later find out that there was a car accident or something like that in the place where you would have been.  Maybe my nose was tickled two miles away by the masses of feathers and so I asked for one because it would have been outnumbered and that would give me a reason to disbelieve.  I don't know.

That is what happened.  I took the road of uncertainty and disbelief, leaving the feathers on the ground and the dream unfulfilled.

What do you think, Fact or Fiction?

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Making More With Four
Just a Reminder/Update to our Four participants, or if you haven't read More Making Do With Four and would like to know what it's about, take a quick read and then on Friday, April 26, (next Friday) come and link up to show us what you made.  Looking forward to all the variety!

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Miss Val's Creations said...

Interesting post Gloria! There does seem to be something in the power of believing and this certainly worked in your case with the feather. I have always lived by a fate rule that everything happens for a reason.

Lucy said...

Wow, you had me, I want to know the rest. Lucy from Lucy's Reality

(my link finally works, I have been working on getting the correct link to my blog, yeah!!!)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Fact or Fiction, not sure, but I do believe in both signs & premonitions. Thanks for your email, Gloria!

Magic Love Crow said...

I say fact ;o) I believe there are signs all around us! You just have to be aware of them ;o) My friend, I just joined Pinterest, and I am still not knowing what I am doing! LOL! And, I really don't have time to really get into right now. But, I will try to remember to pin ;o) Hugs ;o)

Unknown said...

Not sure if fact or fiction but I do believe in signs and wonders! Thanks so much for sharing at the Rock N Share linky party. Hope you’ll join in again next week! Blessings, D@TheShadyPorch