Tutorials for a Mixed Media Soft Cuff Bracelet and Earrings

From paper earrings to biker style wrap bracelet, I'm interested in pearls, gemstones, and metals, too.  So why not combine the hard and the soft and make something to satisfy both sides of my mood.

Here is my take on a beautiful button inspiration from  Incomparable Buttons the company behind Button Mad, the blog.  The company offered my choice of button in exchange for making something using the buttons and writing a tutorial to share the creation.  No money was exchanged.

The buttons are handmade in South Africa, I thought how beautiful the texture and glaze was to look at as well as shiny and smooth to the touch.   These buttons are blue and brown which called out for my copper tone chain and findings.

Keep reading for directions on how to make the bracelet and earrings.

Bracelet Supply List:
Lace Trim
Grosgrain Ribbon
Incomparable Buttons
Small Fabric Scissors
Diagonal Wire Cutters
Bent Nose Pliers with Smooth Jaws
Long Nose Pliers with Smooth Jaws
Ribbon Clamps
Jump Rings
Lobster Claw Clasp
Embroidery Floss
Sewing Thread

Measure and cut the length of Lace you want to use.  I used approximately 5 inches in length.

Measure the same amount in Grosgrain ribbon.

Weave the ribbon through the Lace.  If the Lace has a repeating pattern that you like, you can use that as your guide to count the openings to weave through.

When you are done weaving the ribbon, even off the ends of both the lace and the ribbon, fold under and Insert the folded end into a Ribbon Clamp making sure it is tucked all the way in.

Click on the collage for a bigger view of the tutorial.
Use your Long Nose Pliers to squeeze the clamp down tightly, securing the lace and ribbon inside.  Do this for the other end of the Lace.  Now you have attached the ribbon clamps you can attach the chains next or sew on the buttons and beads if you prefer.

To attach the chains, measure how long you want your bracelet to be, consider do you want to make an extender or is that not necessary.  It is easy to attach an extender at a later date.  Use the Wire Cutters to cut the length of chain.  Use safety glasses or cover the chain when you are cutting it in case bits fly off, keep the furbabies eyes well away from this step.

Open a Jump Ring with the Bent Nose Pliers in one hand and the Long Nose Pliers in the other hand, or if you have 2 Bent Nose Pliers, use both.  Twist the Jump Ring Open by pulling one end towards you and one end away from you, do this gently.  Do not pull the ends directly away from each other, widely, this may distort the Jump Ring and make it not close well and tight.

Insert one Jump Ring to the loop of each Ribbon Clamp.  Place the chain link into the jump ring and close the jump ring by twisting the ends back together.  Put another Jump Ring on the end of the chain.  To the other chain, add a Jump Ring and a Lobster Claw Clasp.  Sometimes adding an additional Jump Ring of a smaller size makes managing the Clasp easier to grasp and turn.

If you haven't yet sewn the buttons and beads on the lace, do this now.  I used embroidery floss to sew the Incomparable Button on and regular sewing thread to sew on the smaller buttons and beads.  The beads could only take 3 passes of the needle and thread, but that was enough to secure and finish off with the Tailor's Knot.

I like the vintage look and keeping the underside open with chains and not lace, makes it comfortable when resting on a desk or table, driving, etc.
It's a very soft and lightweight bracelet.  

Click on the collage for a larger view.
Now for the Earrings Tutorial:

Earrings Supply List:
Two Incomparable Buttons
Two smaller buttons to coordinate
Two earring Post Back and Clutch sets
Two pieces of Chain measured to fit
Diagonal Wire Cutters
Long Nose Pliers with Smooth Jaws
Surface to work on
Additional as needed:  Paper Plate/Foil/Scrap Paper, Toothpick, Paper Towel

Measure the length of chain necessary to wrap around the outside of the earring and to dangle down as far as you want it to reach;   Cut it carefully so there are no flying bits to get in your eyes or anyone nearby.

Put an appropriate amount (small) of Glue on the back of the button and press the Post Back into the glue.

Give the glue the specified amount of time to dry as stated on your glue's packaging.  I rested my buttons in the plastic lid to dry.

Once the posts are secure, put some glue on a paper plate or other disposable paper if you don't think you can squirt directly on the button.  Take the glue/toothpick or glue tube and put an adequate, but not generous amount of glue on the outside edge of the button.

mixed media soft cuff bracelet and earrings new end studio tutorialsWorking quickly, fold one chain in half and pick it up, put the center of the chain at the top of the button and work your way around the button, pushing gently and firmly set the chain in the glue.  The bottom of the button should have two fairly even dangles of chain, if you want one chain length longer than the other, you should not fold the chain in half, make it more uneven to begin with.  Watch how you set the chain, as the links can turn at angles and not be the same all the way around the button.

Set the buttons on the edge of the lid or some other ridge to dry.  When the chain is set and dry, usually the next day, glue the smaller accent button to the front of the Incomparable button and allow to dry.

That's the end of the tutorials, I hope you enjoyed them, please let me know if you make them,  too.  Since there were 5 buttons on the card and I've used 3, I have in mind a brooch to work the other buttons into, or maybe a ring and a brooch, what do you think?

Thanks very much to Incomparable Buttons for the gift of button inspiration and to Totally Tutorials for telling its readers about the opportunities to participate in exchanges like this one.  It was great designing these pieces.    
Thanks for stopping by!

Rosy Outlook for Winter

I was on a kick using these bright acrylic paints and some paper napkins in this aceo.  The smaller strips remind me of candy wrappers and the rose is a rose, well- it's a rose.

Once I scanned the aceo I could see the texture in the napkin much clearer, so I may add something to it to embellish the rose; something lightweight as the coldpress paper will need backing if too much is laid upon it.  Maybe add a little aging to it overall?

It's a little cheery to look at with the dark and dreary winter out here in the midwest.  Last year we were fortunate to not have the usual omnipresent snow and ice for months on end.  We had some weeks with less snow and for that, I am very thankful.  Hope we get an encore this winter, no guarantees, of course..

I started this aceo last winter, and put it aside, maybe I'll finish it
before Spring, lol.

Are you looking forward to the winter or would you like a long autumn?

Banner Roundup

When I started writing the blog, I kept changing the blog banner, as I was learning new ways to make adjustments to the template and bringing in gadgets and things like that.  What a long strange road it's been!  A few years ago I had never seen a blog and now this blog is still going for a couple of years after trying three others wherein I just had no real interest in the subjects.  So, I've since stayed on course and very glad I did.

This post is just a roundup of the banners that were on the blog in the past.  I see posts regarding the old banners show up in the nRelate widget and if you were to click on those, they would say something like, "Here's a new banner I just made and I'm trying it out to see if I like it."  Except if you read that post now, you wouldn't see the banner in the header.  So, I'm going to delete most of those old posts and you can see how far I've come forward with the old banners, compared to the current banner.  And, guess what, I'm going to put the current one in the post, just in case I change it again.  lol

I do want to mention the nRelate widget, (under the post) as I had problems with the Linkwithin widget and very glad I switched to nRelate.  They have all kinds of options and choices, when I had a question, they emailed me almost immediately and everything was satisfactory.  I decided to add the widget since I saw many bloggers using the Linkwithin and nRelate serves the same purpose.

Don't laugh at my basic banners from days of old (2010)  I never said I was a technowizard and have learned a lot since then.  Although that skill would come in handy.   These are in no particular order until you see the last one which is the current one (June 2012.)  I lost photos off the hard drive, so these are the only ones I could find. They're not full size, okay you know that

Last one is the current banner header, June 2012.    I think I will keep the current one for a while.  It covers  the gamut without having to spell things out.  Thanks for bearing with me on this post.  I want to give a "Thanks" to "BannerFans" where I made most of the early banners.  I used Picnik for the others.

Edited:  Here is another banner which is about to be replaced.  I enjoyed this one for its beautiful black and white images.  The photographer is  Scott Liddell and his free photos are at the Morgue File.   
New End Studio

This was the first banner where I used free images supplied by the photographer.  It's now March 2013 and time for a change.

If you'd like a hand with your banner, send me an email, "newendstudio@gmail.com"
Also, see my Badges and Buttons post for a look at some of the buttons I've made.  Both banners and blogs can be an inexpensive but dynamic way to update your site.

ETA:  It's only October and I have changed the banner, badge, and color scheme again.  I guess it's cheaper than buying new shoes or redoing the house.  I used PicMonkey for the current set.
Since I'm transferring the button link post to a regular post link, I am bringing the comments with it:


Magic Love Crow said...
Gloria, I love seeing all of these banners! Wow, you have made a lot! I have the original one I started with. I have to admit, I love the one you have now and I love the look of your blog now too ;o)
New End Studio said...
Thanks, Stacy.I liked experimenting, but the one I have June '12 I hope to keep for a bit, anyway lol.

I did lose some when the computer crashed.

That's my blog QR Code under the circle, you can make your code too, try 
the QR Code Generator.

Random Photos

Record snow that year.
Sky from the backyard.
Sometimes we want to see who is behind the blog, their home, town, etc.  I've some random photos of present and past homes.  I will have to make time to scan more pre-digital photos into the computer to show more.  Until then:

$30.00 find on craigslist!
Torture Machine
The original toy box for #1Sweetie.
I took a sturdy cardboard box
and kept cutting the lid back
until he felt comfortable
sticking his nose in w/out the
lid coming down on his head.
Voila, covered with sticky Contac
Paper and used for many years.
Just wipe the surface clean when
gets hairy and dusty.  

This craft area has been
totally reorganized since
taking this photo.

Pretty ironing board cover.

I planted all of those shrubs!
A previous home.

Christmas 2010
Part of the kitchen window overlooking
the backyard, stove on the right.
For some reason, this photo is fuzzy.
Current home.

Moved this post and comments over when I made the button post link into a regular post link:


Magic Love Crow said...
You made me laugh with your AbLounge! LOL! Love all these pictures! Except the place where you fell and split your knees open! Ouch!!! Not fun! Have a great day ;o)
Magic Love Crow said...
Oh, your 30.00 find on craigslist, amazing! Love the toy box and good for you planting all of those shrubs! That's a lot of work!
New End Studio said...
Thanks so much, Stacy that ablounge is like a gargoyle just sitting there, daring me... I just can't throw that toybox out.