Don't Touch That Dial, Blog on Pause

Whether it's self imposed or a glitch, this blog on pause lasted longer than I thought it would.  My last post for the blog awards took forever to type as the glitches kept adding up- images disappearing and every couple of keystrokes things froze and became shadowy; then an email problem cropped up, too.  

Still looking for a way to leave comments on your posts with the embedded comment form, I may have found something, will be trying that out when I'm back to posting.    For this post, I'm turning off comments since I can't come back to reply.

Oh, here we go again, I just got another error message!  Hope to be back (soon) when things are corrected.
So long...

Inauguration of the 5 New Awards

It's fun to be part of the Inaugural Moment of this set of brand new Blogger Awards.  

Cynthia had an idea and started these, yay, Cynthia!   Today, the group of us plus Cynthia who received the awards in this  post are awarding this new set of awards in the categories listed.  We have linked up our posts today for this new set of awards.
These are in recognition of bloggers who contribute to the online community in their own unique way.  My choices are a little spicy, some organized chaos, beautiful photos, humor- of course, creativity,  personal, entrepreneurs, and everything (almost) under the sun; based on some of the things I like.

Patti writes My Life Under the Bus.  She designs jewelry in a sun room made over into a fabulous work studio craft space.  Smiling when I read her posts with humor for added measure.

When I saw the photo of the paws in hands, I choked up, it was one of those things I remembered about my #1 Sweetie, holding his paws and dancing him while I tried to sing that old song, "42nd St."  You see, he was a tuxedo beagle.  So I have to give this award to Jessica  she is a photographer whose subject is her two dogs.  Go and smile and you might tear up, too.


Gloria writes Scacco alle Regine.  Living in Italy and chronicling pieces of her life with beautiful photos and a flair that makes the post saturated with flavor and joy.  She has a jewelry collection and unless you speak Italian, use Translate Page, it'll be worth it.

Twenty Something Sherbet also known as An English Girl in America is written by Rachael, a newlywed making a great life in Detroit.  Staking out flea markets and getting terrific bargains are some things which make her happy.  Her photos are beautiful.


For  "A daily dialog of inspiration, creativity, business, and style.   An opportunity to motivate each other on our personal journey of creative discoveries." head over to Additions Style also known as Everyday Inspired.  Valerie has a jewelry line made of hardware components.  She selects amazing and beautiful images for her posts.  She's generous with offering worksheets and other information to stimulate your thinking and your blog or business.  

Allison writes Dream a Little Bigger, isn't that a great name for a blog?  Her blog byline, "Why have one hobby when five will do?" sets the scene.  Are you looking for a little crafty inspiration?  Need a tutorial?  Want a laugh?  Go see Allison for easily explained tutorials and for links she found elsewhere on the net.

Maria Just Do It is almost one year old, hurry up and say hello to this super talented maker of lovely things.  She's sharing pretty photos, tutorials, and inspired fun creations.    

"THE BLOG HOP RULES: there are no rules, but we do have some suggestions. These awards were designed to point out some of the great blogs out there. And you can choose to pass on your award to as few, or as many as you like. So if you've been tapped on the shoulder and given one of these awards, we would love to see you display it proudly on your blog. Join the blog hop and show off that lovely blog of yours. 

We would, of course, love to hear why you like to blog, and why you chose a fellow blogger for an award. So let's get hopping!  This is a Blog Hop!"   

Something Special From The Train Jeweler

I love a good travel memory and Cynthia's blog, "Antiquity Travelers" tells an entertaining story from her overseas travels, vacations upstate, or riding the rails to her day job in the city.  She weaves the cast of train riding friends and coworkers into characters you can laugh with/at or nod/shake your head in agreement with.  She's blessed with daughters who are happy to model the jewelry and are interested in learning to make jewelry, too. Cindy forges her love of designing into a real labor of love. ♥  See for yourself on her blog or  Etsy shop.

Her jewelry designs are gorgeous and with her blog posts you also get an historical perspective on the gemstones.  It's more than educational- it's fun and pretty.  Check out The Train Jeweler's post  about the other bloggers given these awards.  They are a talented and encouraging group of ladies; I am both  surprised and honored to be included, happy to have Cynthia's friendship, and going to work a bit harder now!

It's no easy task selecting bloggers for these awards.  Friends? Strangers?  Size of blog?  Theme?  I've only read a fraction of so many inspiring, educational, and fun bloggers.  How do I choose?

What I've decided to do is what Cynthia said, "But what these awards mean to me is a way to tell a few of my bloggy friends how much I've appreciated their friendship and their encouragement for me to keep blogging -- to keep trying new techniques, to keep making something I love ... "  In her case jewelry, in my case a range of things and because of your comments and visits I keep coming back to share and post.   Thank you.  

Chris writes, "Golden Lilly Crafts,"  and is Down Under so has Spring while we're heading towards Autumn where I am.  Her comments make me smile, she's so talented, has a beautiful garden, plus she named her blog after her two little dogs.  Please go say "hi" to her if she's new to you.  Or, maybe that should be, "G'day mate."

Debbie writes, "Crafty Moose Crafts, "  is a french bead artist who also paints, learns new techniques and shares them and is mad about moose or is that meese?  Whatever, Debbie has a way with words, her comments encourage and I'm happy we met somewhere in our blog travels.  Please head over to her blog if you haven't already.

Karen Anne writes,  "Ireland Brady - Musings to Ponder", is always perfecting her skills, learning, sharing, and has a talent for drawing, you must see for yourself.  Her comments are wise and from the heart.  Please go visit her blog and enjoy the portraits and the photos; also a wee Irish humor.  There's a real Danny Boy, too.

Stacy writes, "Magic Love Crow, " is devoted to drawing crows.  Not just any crow, but well, she has a reason why and you should find out for yourself.  I don't think you will ever see a more devoted crow artist.  Stacy comments and you know she is cheering you on.  She uses lots of colors in her work and her words as does Chris, Debbie, and Karen Anne- they make you feel encouraged.

All three of these awards can go to everyone who reads and comments, your company is much appreciated!

I want to recognize Inspiration Avenue and the people who participate there.  I haven't linked up much recently, but when I did, the other bloggers who stopped by here gave me great feedback and encouragement.

In February 2012 I joined the 29Faces Challenge from, "I Love 2 Paint Ayala Art."   It was a  great experience and the people who came by were so much appreciated.

But that's not all...  I know this is a long post, but it's worth it to meet some fresh faces and blogs.  Cynthia has turned the blog awards around and given us new ones to give out.  Here is the preview for the next set of awards.  I'm going to edit this post in a few days with the awardees.  (SEE new post HERE instead!)

I hope you check out some great links and discover people you might not have seen before now.  Thanks to Cynthia for giving me this opportunity to share.

Remembrances and Intentions

This is such an inspiring and comforting prayer I decided to put it onto an aceo.  I resurrected this aceo just before the recent murders of our embassy workers and the widespread riots and attacks throughout the Middle East and around the globe.  It seems very timely, unfortunately.

Not wanting to distract from the intention of the words, I used clippings for the background which I want to convey a mood of struggle, support and hope.

When I see this prayer, the melody of the song for these words pops up in my thoughts.  It's an easy song to sing, a kind of mantra- soothing and spirit building at the same time.  An adult lullaby of sorts.

I don't know how many versions of this song there are or if Francis  actually wrote any version.  The prayer first appeared in 1912 in France, and the saint died around 1182 aged 44.

To be associated with this powerful message and to be remembered throughout the centuries is a powerful achievement, even if  the composition was intentional and not authentic to the saint.

Francis is the patron saint of ecology and pets.  His feast day is celebrated on October 4.

Do you want to be remembered and for what?


Double the Fun Moose Humor

aceo with watercolor, inks, clippings, and copy of original moose photo

If you can look at this moose and get a little grin going, maybe a chuckle, or a great big guffaw- then you understand the thought behind the card.

I like that in you.  That is all.

There's a happy little "In the Mail" post at Paula's blog for people who like getting surprises in the mail; that is-  surprises not involving bills, subscriptions, and other mundane things that fit into a mailbox.  Sign up to send one thing to another blogger that weighs less than 13 ounces and can be mailed unwrapped/without an envelope.  In return you get to wait and find out what is coming to your mailbox.  The possibilities are endless and it sounds like fun.  Are you signing up?

A Future September 11th

Sometime in the future there will be an ordinary day in the first half of September.  That day will find me enjoying the last remnants of summer and the anticipation of autumn.  I'll be thinking that another birthday is almost here and remembering a loved one's passing.

On that ordinary day I won't feel the intensity of a nation in mourning.  The anniversary of the tragedy will be noted, but not overpowering.  That day isn't here yet.  Eleven years on, it's still on the minds and hearts of those it intimately touched and the security of people here and abroad is an ongoing struggle.

I made this aceo from clippings and copies of my original photos of the World Trade Centers and surrounding area.  Previous posts about the day and the area are here and here.

Another generation is a third of the way grown up hearing about September 11th in history books and documentaries.  Thank you to all the heroes of the day and since then.  You are valued and remembered.

As time puts distance between the immediate tragedy and the here and now, how has that distance affected you?

Awesome Sauce Bottle

You know, it would be easy to use the phrase, "awesome sauce" in a pun-like way, but in this case it would be true.   Debbie, a terrific bead loving artist and crafter altered this bottle for her giveaway and, you guessed it, I won.  (I have no idea what was originally in the bottle:  sauce, oil, magic potion, ...)

Somewhere over the past two years I met Debbie, it could have been on the OWOH tour or via another blog.  Through her creations in the aceo and Inspiration Avenue challenges along with reading her blog and looking at her Etsy shop you get a picture of her talents, interests, and happy home.    

Debbie described her bottle with these words, "I altered a bottle with lots of floral, beaded, bell goodness--there is even a small french beaded flower mounted on the cork which has been glued in permanently."

Yes!  This is Spring all year round.  Thanks so much Debbie, your bottle is happy, funky, beautiful, and friendly.  Delighted I won your giveaway.
♥  Thanks so much. ♥

Now I have to tell you that, after hearing the phrase, "awesome sauce" somewhere, it stayed with me.  Words sometimes become overused and the meanings behind them change.  What is plain and easy to understand trends into some hot topic or slang.

Are you surprised by words?  Generations and cultures favor some words and others are taboo.  Do you keep up to date with the latest trend or do you appreciate a normal (definitions vary) even style of language?  Can you do business or sharing on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with your own voice, or are you naturally absorbing the new words and shaping a new tone and style?