Awesome Sauce Bottle

You know, it would be easy to use the phrase, "awesome sauce" in a pun-like way, but in this case it would be true.   Debbie, a terrific bead loving artist and crafter altered this bottle for her giveaway and, you guessed it, I won.  (I have no idea what was originally in the bottle:  sauce, oil, magic potion, ...)

Somewhere over the past two years I met Debbie, it could have been on the OWOH tour or via another blog.  Through her creations in the aceo and Inspiration Avenue challenges along with reading her blog and looking at her Etsy shop you get a picture of her talents, interests, and happy home.    

Debbie described her bottle with these words, "I altered a bottle with lots of floral, beaded, bell goodness--there is even a small french beaded flower mounted on the cork which has been glued in permanently."

Yes!  This is Spring all year round.  Thanks so much Debbie, your bottle is happy, funky, beautiful, and friendly.  Delighted I won your giveaway.
♥  Thanks so much. ♥

Now I have to tell you that, after hearing the phrase, "awesome sauce" somewhere, it stayed with me.  Words sometimes become overused and the meanings behind them change.  What is plain and easy to understand trends into some hot topic or slang.

Are you surprised by words?  Generations and cultures favor some words and others are taboo.  Do you keep up to date with the latest trend or do you appreciate a normal (definitions vary) even style of language?  Can you do business or sharing on Etsy, Facebook, Twitter, etc. with your own voice, or are you naturally absorbing the new words and shaping a new tone and style?    


AntiquityTravelers said...

hmm good questions! Having a teenager in the house helps to stay current on language :D, but there are things I can't say at work in a corporate setting. I also have 2 facebook pages: one with my name, and one with for my blog. It helps to separate because so many people at work want to be FB friends with you. So I have 500+ "close" friends on FB - LOL which is why I must be careful on FB

Dee @ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Gloria,

The bottle is beautiful!!!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Actually, Gloria--the bottle was brand new, empty, so no sauce, LOL!

As for new words, phrases, etc, I'm sure I have absorbed a few, evidenced by the LOL above, but mostly, I gotta be me!

IrelandBrady said...

Debbie's Altered bottle is wonderful! Her bead work always amazes me...

Well, I guess new prases, etc. seem to creep into my vocabulary and old ones stay ... like "right on"!

Happy Day!

Magic Love Crow said...

Lucky you Gloria! I loved that bottle Deb made! I think I have my own way of talking! I still don't understand all the short forms with typing. I know, LOL, but that's it! LOL!
Take Care ;o)

Camille said...

The bottle is really pretty. :) I don't really keep up to date with the new words and phrases... I never have.

Chris said...

Now that's a bottle worth talking about, congratulations on being a winner, well done. My son taught me to say 'that's how I roll' when I need to explain why I do something. It's dorky when I say it, sounds great when he says it. cheers

New End Studio said...

That's a good point, Cynthia, professionalism vs what is easily familiar. Your daughter is adding to your vocabulary :0

Thanks Dee!

Debbie, I was imagining it was some kind of fancy vinegar or steak sauce. I need a dinner reservation lol.

Karen Anne, right on, that's one for the history books, I heard it revived recently.

Stace I need a cheat sheet of those terms and abbreviations, can't think of one when I want to use it!

Camille, I think the plain old way of conversations and writing shouldn't disappear, there's a beautiful substance to it that has survived and hopefully, will be carried into the future. Just like teaching handwriting is being phased out from schools, to me that's sad and dangerous.

Chris, that's a phrase I can appreciate; from the heroes on the airplanes on 9/11 who said that to everyday usage to just get up and go- thanks for sharing that. You're no dork ♥

Paula Miller said...

Congrats on the win!! Woohoo! That bottle is very funky and colorful, just my style :)


Lucy said...

The bottle looks lovely and I think I incorporate new phrases and words all the time. I do have to catch myself when I am overusing something.

Additionsstyle said...

Very cool bottle, lucky your for winning it! Interesting post about words and phrases. Something to think about.
Everyday Inspired

Linda said...

I love this bottle Gloria..I can see it sitting on a shelf. You were very lucky.

Journey of Life said...

I do adapt with trendy words just because. And that is one "awesome sauce!" :-)

New End Studio said...

Lucy, it's sometimes strange to find myself using words that weren't invented all that long ago. Keeping up with technologies and chaos, whew!

Hi Valerie, thanks for visiting!

Thanks Linda!

Hi Journey, thanks for visiting- I'm enjoying your blog but can't leave a comment due to the embedded comment form. That form has a bug and won'd let me leave a comment. So sorry- hope you come back to read this.

New End Studio said...

Thanks Paula, sorry I didn't see your comment before, for some reason it was marked as spam, but we know it's not♥