Inauguration of the 5 New Awards

It's fun to be part of the Inaugural Moment of this set of brand new Blogger Awards.  

Cynthia had an idea and started these, yay, Cynthia!   Today, the group of us plus Cynthia who received the awards in this  post are awarding this new set of awards in the categories listed.  We have linked up our posts today for this new set of awards.
These are in recognition of bloggers who contribute to the online community in their own unique way.  My choices are a little spicy, some organized chaos, beautiful photos, humor- of course, creativity,  personal, entrepreneurs, and everything (almost) under the sun; based on some of the things I like.

Patti writes My Life Under the Bus.  She designs jewelry in a sun room made over into a fabulous work studio craft space.  Smiling when I read her posts with humor for added measure.

When I saw the photo of the paws in hands, I choked up, it was one of those things I remembered about my #1 Sweetie, holding his paws and dancing him while I tried to sing that old song, "42nd St."  You see, he was a tuxedo beagle.  So I have to give this award to Jessica  she is a photographer whose subject is her two dogs.  Go and smile and you might tear up, too.


Gloria writes Scacco alle Regine.  Living in Italy and chronicling pieces of her life with beautiful photos and a flair that makes the post saturated with flavor and joy.  She has a jewelry collection and unless you speak Italian, use Translate Page, it'll be worth it.

Twenty Something Sherbet also known as An English Girl in America is written by Rachael, a newlywed making a great life in Detroit.  Staking out flea markets and getting terrific bargains are some things which make her happy.  Her photos are beautiful.


For  "A daily dialog of inspiration, creativity, business, and style.   An opportunity to motivate each other on our personal journey of creative discoveries." head over to Additions Style also known as Everyday Inspired.  Valerie has a jewelry line made of hardware components.  She selects amazing and beautiful images for her posts.  She's generous with offering worksheets and other information to stimulate your thinking and your blog or business.  

Allison writes Dream a Little Bigger, isn't that a great name for a blog?  Her blog byline, "Why have one hobby when five will do?" sets the scene.  Are you looking for a little crafty inspiration?  Need a tutorial?  Want a laugh?  Go see Allison for easily explained tutorials and for links she found elsewhere on the net.

Maria Just Do It is almost one year old, hurry up and say hello to this super talented maker of lovely things.  She's sharing pretty photos, tutorials, and inspired fun creations.    

"THE BLOG HOP RULES: there are no rules, but we do have some suggestions. These awards were designed to point out some of the great blogs out there. And you can choose to pass on your award to as few, or as many as you like. So if you've been tapped on the shoulder and given one of these awards, we would love to see you display it proudly on your blog. Join the blog hop and show off that lovely blog of yours. 

We would, of course, love to hear why you like to blog, and why you chose a fellow blogger for an award. So let's get hopping!  This is a Blog Hop!"   


AntiquityTravelers said...

Fantastic list! and lots of new ones for me to explore - yeah!!!

Thank you so much for joining me in this hop! it has been so much fun!!

Christine Altmiller said...

What a great list! I immediately signed on to have Dream a Little Bigger on my blogroll and want to explore all the others some more :-) This what a fun hop!

Alicia said...

This is definitely an interesting list - getting some extra-reading tonight. I really want to explore all after reading your descriptions :) [great job!]

Allison @ dreamalittlebigger.com said...

Thanks so very much for including me! I am very excited to join the hop!

IrelandBrady said...

What a GREAT way to blog hop! Thanks a bunch Gloria!

Therese's Treasures said...

Hi Gloria,
All wonderful blogs that you awarded I enjoyed reading about them I already follow Patty she is awesome, I am now following Allison and Maria's blogs.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hello my friend! You have changed your blog again! It looks great! All these awards are great and all of the people are great too! I have been away, because my computer crashed! Had to get a new one! Big Hugs ;o)

Additionsstyle said...

Gloria, Thank you so much for awarding my blog the Journalistic Blotter Award. I am honored to be on this list of great bloggers!
Everyday Inspired

mariablazynska said...

Thank U Gloria for having me here:) It's a pleasure to share crafts and DIY's with so many amazing people.
Maria - Maria Just Do It

New End Studio said...

Thank you all for stopping by and sorry to reply so late, that blog glitch kept me away, hope it's gone for a long while.

Glad to have you visit and find some new blogs to enjoy from the awards.

Congrats to EVERYONE who participated, the awardees and the readers, too. It was all well deserved ♥