Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Pretend there's a drumroll, no, not a drumstick, an ordinary drumroll.....

And the winner is, 

Gracey send me your mailing particulars (newendstudio@gmail.com) and I'll send this right out to you. Hope you enjoy it!  

Thanks everyone for your visit during the Celebrate Oz blog hop and thanks for your comments, they mean so very much to me.  

Hope that title didn't make you hungry!   I've got a simplified Chicken Cacciatore  in my slow cooker, the aroma is wafting my way and it's making me impatient for it to be fully cooked.  Ciao!  

Inspired by The Wizard of Oz

In parts of blog land the mood is excitement and anticipation to the max.  The big reveal for Celebrate Oz has arrived!   Let's get right to it.  Make sure to hang around to the end for a surprise.  Read on...

Once upon a time, actually about a year ago, I made this  Wizard of Oz inspired collage aceo.

Fast forward, tornado style as the story goes, over the past couple of weeks I got busy making some new Oz inspired pieces.

Tin Man Pierced Earrings

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers Pierced Earrings

Yellow Brick Road Pierced Earrings
Ruby Slippers and Tin Man

To set the theme, I found some Wizard of Oz clip art online, printed it onto songbook pages, and painted in some of the illustration details.

The green border below, was added on PicMonkey.

Some of the song titles fit the character to a "t."
Here is The Cowardly Lion,  "You're a Big Boy Now."   

This is a 5x7 canvas which previously looked like this.  That post was about my first inkjet transfer, a tutorial.

The image was a lovely bride in black and white, alas she's now disappeared under the paint and glaze.

You might say, she's now Over the Rainbow; and
comfortable in her new location!   .  

I'm going to save one more Wizard of Oz inspired piece for another post.  Please come back to see what it is. Hint, the inspiration was something that flies.

In the meantime, the Surprise!  
Are you interested in a giveaway?  You may win my, "Over the Rainbow Good and Evil Necklace."  

The dangles feature a Dream/Cloud charm and a Question/Question Mark charm plus a rainbow, and metallic cord circle hanging from a combination organza ribbon/cord with a lobster claw clasp.  

I leave it up to you to decide which intentions the red and the black indicate in your life.

You do not have to have a Celebrate Oz post to get a chance in the draw.  The giveaway is open to all current followers, and new ones, too.  If you decide to follow, that's terrific, but not required!      

Leave a comment for this post and you are entered.  Giveaway will close on Monday, July 23 and the winner will be announced on July 24.  Come back to see who won.       

I hope you enjoyed my Wizard of Oz inspirations.  Please visit the other blogs on the Celebrate Oz link from the top of the post; there are stories, art, and other creative things. 

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Dorothy, Wake Up! and Kreativ Blogger Award

FIRST, wasn't this a beautiful scene, although a little bit scary for a kiddie (me) at the time.  Poor Dorothy and her companions, asleep in the field of poppies.  The lion is just cracking me up, look at his legs! I was worried that the snow would cover them up and they'd get soooo cold!  But Glinda knew what she was doing, sending the snow.

If you want to join the Celebrate Oz hop, there's still time.  The curtain is pulled back and all will be revealed on July 19th.  Make anything you like:  art, jewelery, food, papergoods, ANYTHING at all that is related to The Wizard of Oz.

Add your blog name to the link list here and leave a comment on her blog post to say you are joining in.  Then just post your creativity to your blog for the July 19 reveal so everyone can visit and enjoy.

Antiquity Travelers CynthiaA very talented jewelery designer and terrific blog friend gave this award to me,
"Thank you Cynthia!"  That's her blog badge--->

For me, it's surprising and humbling to look at myself through someone else's eyes and then especially to receive an award.

How to go about fulfilling the criteria, hmmmm.  I did a little google search and found that  Hulda created this award several years ago.

Click on her name to see the first ever design look of the award and who she gave the first award to.  She writes in Norwegian, so just click the translate option, unless of course you understand Norwegian.  This  recent post of hers was so appreciated, the photos of her home in refreshing pastel, while many of us were here sweltering in the heat.

I may be breaking the current rules, but I've decided to award to 4 bloggers.  As a further compromise, instead of me giving you 7 random, but well thought out facts about myself, I will answer 7 random, but well thought out questions if you'd like to ask. Don't feel pressured to ask.  Really,  no commitment necessary, casual observers and regular readers alike, enjoy your summer and feel free to ignore...

Here are the 4 bloggers, in random order:

Karen Anne writes as Ireland Brady  and Hummingbelles.   These are two blogs where she shares her delightful and lighthearted paintings and drawings.  She has an amazing talent and a kind, generous heart.
Carol writes as  A Creative Harbor.  She shares photos of living by the sea, her Muse Dog, haiku, paintings and more.  Always a delightful surprise to read her blog and see her drawings.

Christine writes as Golden Lilly Crafts  and hails from Down Under.  She has shared gorgeous new art pieces, beautifully hand sewn items, and much more.

Kym writes as Fabric Fascination and also manages Totally Tutorials in addition to her shops and everything at home. 

If  the winners would like to adhere to the rules, here they are:
When you receive this award, there are a few rules:

1. Post a link to the person who awarded you 
2. Share 7 well-thought out random things about yourself
3. Award to 10 other deserving bloggers and let them know.

Carol, Christine, and Kym- Congrats!  (Your embedded comment form won't let me leave a comment.)
Karen Anne, I have left you a comment, Congrats!   
Thanks Cynthia!

I hope you'll take a moment to check out the bloggers if you haven't already read their blogs.  

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So Many Animals Cute Wade Creatures

I am overrun by these cute creatures and hope you want to adopt them.  They need only a little dusting, no feeding or messy cleanups, no vet visits, you don't have to walk them in the rain, snow, and heat, plus kids of a certain age would enjoy these, too.  They don't bark very loud, either.

These are Red Rose Tea, "Ceramic Whimsies" a premium that comes in a box of tea.  The Wade company makes them in England. Most are still in their plastic bags.  Here's a site that shows the figurines out of their bags so you can see them more clearly.  It also gives you the series, dates, and more info:  Red Rose Tea Series. 
They are multiplying like rabbits on The Ark.  Interested?  It'd be great to sell them all to one lucky person.  But if a herd of elephants is not your thing, let me know which ones you want.  Just send me an email, address in profile, or leave a comment on this post with your email.  

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Famous Words for Independence Day

These are the words engraved on our nation's most famous and enduring symbol for liberty and freedom,



Let's do that today and everyday.

Happy Independence Day
July 4th, 2012!

(USA National Park Service Image.)