July 10, 2012

Dorothy, Wake Up! and Kreativ Blogger Award

FIRST, wasn't this a beautiful scene, although a little bit scary for a kiddie (me) at the time.  Poor Dorothy and her companions, asleep in the field of poppies.  The lion is just cracking me up, look at his legs! I was worried that the snow would cover them up and they'd get soooo cold!  But Glinda knew what she was doing, sending the snow.

If you want to join the Celebrate Oz hop, there's still time.  The curtain is pulled back and all will be revealed on July 19th.  Make anything you like:  art, jewelery, food, papergoods, ANYTHING at all that is related to The Wizard of Oz.

Add your blog name to the link list here and leave a comment on her blog post to say you are joining in.  Then just post your creativity to your blog for the July 19 reveal so everyone can visit and enjoy.

Antiquity Travelers CynthiaA very talented jewelery designer and terrific blog friend gave this award to me,
"Thank you Cynthia!"  That's her blog badge--->

For me, it's surprising and humbling to look at myself through someone else's eyes and then especially to receive an award.

How to go about fulfilling the criteria, hmmmm.  I did a little google search and found that  Hulda created this award several years ago.

Click on her name to see the first ever design look of the award and who she gave the first award to.  She writes in Norwegian, so just click the translate option, unless of course you understand Norwegian.  This  recent post of hers was so appreciated, the photos of her home in refreshing pastel, while many of us were here sweltering in the heat.

I may be breaking the current rules, but I've decided to award to 4 bloggers.  As a further compromise, instead of me giving you 7 random, but well thought out facts about myself, I will answer 7 random, but well thought out questions if you'd like to ask. Don't feel pressured to ask.  Really,  no commitment necessary, casual observers and regular readers alike, enjoy your summer and feel free to ignore...

Here are the 4 bloggers, in random order:

Karen Anne writes as Ireland Brady  and Hummingbelles.   These are two blogs where she shares her delightful and lighthearted paintings and drawings.  She has an amazing talent and a kind, generous heart.
Carol writes as  A Creative Harbor.  She shares photos of living by the sea, her Muse Dog, haiku, paintings and more.  Always a delightful surprise to read her blog and see her drawings.

Christine writes as Golden Lilly Crafts  and hails from Down Under.  She has shared gorgeous new art pieces, beautifully hand sewn items, and much more.

Kym writes as Fabric Fascination and also manages Totally Tutorials in addition to her shops and everything at home. 

If  the winners would like to adhere to the rules, here they are:
When you receive this award, there are a few rules:

1. Post a link to the person who awarded you 
2. Share 7 well-thought out random things about yourself
3. Award to 10 other deserving bloggers and let them know.

Carol, Christine, and Kym- Congrats!  (Your embedded comment form won't let me leave a comment.)
Karen Anne, I have left you a comment, Congrats!   
Thanks Cynthia!

I hope you'll take a moment to check out the bloggers if you haven't already read their blogs.  

While you are here, please click your favorite color combo in the poll at the top of my left sidebar.  Thanks


Terry said...

Congratulations. Definitely heading over to check out your picks.

AntiquityTravelers said...

jumping up and down here!! see... amazing journalistic style! complete with research on who first awarded this! LOVE it! you're awesome :D

IrelandBrady said...

Thank you for this award Gloria! What a delightful surprise to find first thing in the morning!

You have shared some terrific blogs here; I briefly visited all and am looking forward to having a bit more time to sit back and enjoy. I especially like Kym' "Totally Tutorials" blog. Thanks Gloria!

Seven thoughtful things about myself?
1. I like to be positive in all aspects of my life.
2. I am happy to be retired and finally have the time to explore and learn.
3. I have a wonderful husband who is always there to support me in my adventures and quests.
4. I am a mother to three terrific young adults (actually six, they all have wonderful spouses); and 10 grandchildren who keep my life filled love and happiness.
5. My constant companion is my little miniature pincsher, Danny Boy, who loves to tease and keeps me active.
6. I hate it when someone says I can't do something ... that is an immediate challenge and it sets me off on a side trip to prove to myself that I CAN!
7. I love being alive and look forward to the surprises that await me with each new day.

I'll be delighted to award the "Kreativ Blogger" (award) to 10 others ... but I don't know how to find the coding to do so ... help me?

Again, thank you for this award Gloria ... you make me feel very special.

Big Hugs! Karen Anne

New End Studio said...

Thanks, Terry!

Cynthia, you pegged me right! haha Although, I try to give a little flourish now and again. lol Thank you!

Karen Anne, you're so welcome!
I love your list, and #4 especially made me smile. When will we see Danny Boy in your art again? #6 & #7 I am right there with you!

I'll be glad to help you, all you do is what you do when you give the links to other blogs as you just did on your Celebrate Oz posts, easy stuff.

If you right click and copy the image of the award, just then paste it into your post. If you have any problem with that, let me know.

Dear lady, You are special ♥ I'll also post this on your blog comment at your blog, you are a "no reply blogger" so I can't email this to you.


Katherines Corner said...

congrats on your well deserved award. xo

IrelandBrady said...

Thanks a bunch Gloria! I followed your instructions and have shared the "Kreativ Blogger Award" with 10 more talented and creative bloggers....

My hubby keeps asking for more "Danny Boy" themed art work too! Guess I better "Make Room For Danny"! (LOL!)

Magic Love Crow said...

Congrats my friend! You deserve it! The party is coming soon! How exciting! I saw your e-mail. I am catching up on blogs first, then emails! LOL! Hugs ;o)
Oh, we are suppose to ask you questions?? I would like to know your favorite form of art, that you make? And, what is your favorite food ;o)

Lucy said...

Congrats!!! I totally know why you got it! Love that you researched the reward too :)

New End Studio said...

Thanks Katie, Stacy, and Lucy!

Karen Anne, yay it was easy to do! Yes, let's see Danny Boy, maybe posing with a pink nosed yellow lab lady friend, I know one (just kidding, although it would be awesome.)

Stacey, I'm surprised you could read the list, when I attached it, it got unaligned (where I was looking) so I will reply soon.

As far as your questions, no you didn't have to ask- that was me joking, but my answer is Watercolor for the media, because it is so luscious and beautiful (at least the way I play with it and don't show it, though.) Form, I think I like abstract the best.

Favorite food- only one???? Chocolate is up there, does champagne qualify as a food? haha I enjoy fruits mostly berries and summer fruits. I guess I don't have only one favorite food, I enjoy lots!♥

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Gloria,

Congratulations on the award!!!


Magic Love Crow said...

Thanks for answering my questions Gloria ;o) I think berries in your champagne, while eating Chocolate would be good ;o) LOL! And, at the same time, doing some waterolor abstracts ;o)
I will e-mail soon ;o)

New End Studio said...

Thanks, Dee! ♥

Stacey, hmmm I like the way you think- that's one way to make champagne a food choice lol.