July 8, 2012

So Many Animals Cute Wade Creatures

I am overrun by these cute creatures and hope you want to adopt them.  They need only a little dusting, no feeding or messy cleanups, no vet visits, you don't have to walk them in the rain, snow, and heat, plus kids of a certain age would enjoy these, too.  They don't bark very loud, either.

These are Red Rose Tea, "Ceramic Whimsies" a premium that comes in a box of tea.  The Wade company makes them in England. Most are still in their plastic bags.  Here's a site that shows the figurines out of their bags so you can see them more clearly.  It also gives you the series, dates, and more info:  Red Rose Tea Series. 
They are multiplying like rabbits on The Ark.  Interested?  It'd be great to sell them all to one lucky person.  But if a herd of elephants is not your thing, let me know which ones you want.  Just send me an email, address in profile, or leave a comment on this post with your email.  

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Linda said...

These are so cute and little. There are so many, the possibilities for use are endless. You can put them everywhere. FUN

Thanks for sharing.

AntiquityTravelers said...

oh my that is a herd! unless I can string them they'll just get dust at my place! ha!

New End Studio said...

Hi Linda, Hi Cynthia! I thought about drilling through them, but all I envision is shattered pieces. If anyone knows a sure fire way to drill a small hole, please tell ♥

P.S. Dusting is one of those things I try to avoid lol!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Wow! You must drink quite a lot of Red Rose Tea, LOL--and/or you have been collecting these forever!

I drank RRT in the past & it was always fun to see which creature was in the box!

Lucy said...

Oh, my wish I knew someone who liked miniatures, must admit they are not quite my cup of tea, no pun intended. I think it is because of my problem with cleaning, so I tend to keep spaces uncluttered those little creatures would send me over the edge, AND they are so cute YET they would just drive a nutcase like me, well, nutty, which is my awful problem.

Additionsstyle said...

I hope all your little animals find wonderful homes to live in! I love your post, perfect way to describe all your lovely creatures.
Everyday Inspired

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, I use to have tones of these! This brings back so many memories! Please let me think! I know I would love your cats, Christmas items, but I don't know if I would like all 58. Maybe your Easter ones too? I will get back to you by the end of the week ;o) Could you tell me how many items would be with the cats, Christmas and Easter ones? Hugs ;o)

Magic Love Crow said...

I just saw Halloween ones too ;o) Please count those in ;o) I am really trying to look at them. It's hard to see all of them!

New End Studio said...

Hi Deb, yes RRT and Salada and several others, too. I do drink tea morning, noon, and night!

Lucy, I know, I know. I don't like to dust either!!! But they are cute.

Thanks a lot, Valerie- Yes, I am trying to find them new homes, tlalking them up, lol.

Hey Stacy, I emailed you. Thanks a bunch. I will attempt to type up a list tomorrow.

Linda said...

Hi Again Gloria, I couldn't resist coming back and looking at them again. They are too cute for words. I have a perfect place for them...that is if I get any.

New End Studio said...

The link to see them much closer is in the 2nd paragraph, "Red Rose Tea Series," the closeups are much better there.

Hi Linda!