A Pleasurable Task, a Brave Girl Win

Whoopdeedo! I had the pleasure of winning a giveaway from Geri Centonze, and selecting one of her 5x7 prints was a task because of all the fabulous choices.  I went back and forth between having a portrait of Adam Levine looking at me, wait that's not a problem ;) to looking at angels and contemplative figures, to choosing between other portraits of celebrities, story characters and people both living and of historic significance.  
Finally, I decided on someone who I thought looked quite brave and she has brunette hair and green eyes the same as someone like me.  I like the wardrobe, the owl in the tree, the moon in the sky, the buildings in the background and the pumpkin in her arms and the color palette used.

I like everything about this painting.   I totally enjoy my selection, go to the end of the post to see her revealed.                                                                
This is Geri: 
 geri centonze picture
"I discovered the ACEO art form in 2008 and have been creating them ever since (just over 2000 to date).  In my real life I'm a wife, mom and "bunny" to 3 adorable granddaughters." 

How do you keep up with Geri when she is painting, drawing, creating recipes and sharing all kinds of techy tips?  Visit her newest blog:  Eat Paint Learn, "I'll be sharing the yummy food I eat while still following Weight Watchers, the art I create whether it's traditional or digital media.  I'll also present some video tutorials and revisit some from my old blog in a video format."

Try the blog where I first met her: My Heart Art by Geri, and the blog: Geri Centonze Art go there to see her amazing "Speed Paint Videos" and some of her paintings in the series, "One Hundred Humans." 

Geri's, "Print Gallery" is available to view here.
She also has an ebay shop.

Here's my brave girl:
"Thank You, Geri! "


Geri - eatpaintlearn.com said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful article and the funny touches as well. Yes, we could all manage to have Adam Levine starting at us all day! ♥

New End Studio said...

You're so very welcome, Geri and Thank You!♥

city said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

Terry said...

Oh she's beautiful. Lucky you. :)

Lucy said...

Very nice :)

New End Studio said...

Thanks for stopping by Terry and Lucy, Geri is a terrific artist, I was lucky♥

Hi, city, thanks for visiting!

Magic Love Crow said...

Oh, I love your choice! I would have picked her too! I liked Gothic Girl #8 as well. You are so lucky! She is beautiful! Geri is a great artist!

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Gloria,

The painting is beautiful. Such a great choice. I love her green eyes and doll like face!


Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

You are one lucky girl!

Additionsstyle said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing.
Everyday Inspired

New End Studio said...

Hi Stacy, it was a difficult choice, Geri has an amazing talent.

Hi Dee, I know that expression and the green eyes were unusual.

Hi Danni, thanks for stopping by- I am glad to sometimes be lucky like that.

Hi Valerie, hope your trip was awesome!

Paula J said...

Such talent!! She seems to keep it all together well :))


Katherines Corner said...

Thank you for sharing Geri's talent with us xo

José Ramón said...

Greetings from your blog interesting Creativity and imagination photos of Jose Ramon

New End Studio said...

Hi Paula, Katie, and Jose'! Geri's talented in many ways, I agree.

Jose', gracias! I tried to visit your blog but I got a strange screen, so sorry. Will try again. Thanks for stopping and saying hello.