June 19, 2012

We'll Get You My Pretties, at Celebrate Oz

Hey, I'm still playing around with PicMonkey and that led me to think of Flying Monkeys and the Celebrate Oz blog party that is scheduled for July 19.   I wanted to let you know about it and tell you to get off your broom or out of the bubble you're in and head over to sign up for the blog party.  

You don't have to be an artiste (note the "e") you just have to make something Wizard of Oz related.  If you write, paint, draw, make jewelry, bake, what have you- just add your blog link to the list in the sidebar, leave Linda a comment on the post that you're rsvping the party invite, make your stuff and show your creation(s) on July 19th!  That's it,  my pretties.  Oh, snag Linda's party button from her post when you go and put it somewhere on your blog too. 

I could show you what I'm working on, but then I'd have to drop a house on you.  And the jokes keep coming.  Seriously, I have to start whatever I'm going to make, as soon as I unstick the lollipop from my seat.  Ahh to be in Munchkin Land when the chocolate roses are in bloom.  If there weren't any chocolate roses, there should've been

Have fun visiting the blogs participating in Celebrate Oz.  Where's my bucket of water? 


Magic Love Crow said...

LOL! Great post Gloria! Love the jokes! LOL! I hope you get the lollipop off your seat soon! I better run, I see you got your bucket of water! LOL!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Ok, I'm in. Looks like fun! But going to have to think about what I can make ?!

New End Studio said...

I'm using the big ole lollipops to swat at the Flying Monkeys, they're scary!

Hey Stacy and Cynthia! Glad you're also participating C, it'll be fun!

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Too cute!!!


IrelandBrady said...

Love your wit and sense of humor!

Don't you remember? You put your bucket of water on the floor next to the front door ....

New End Studio said...

Haha! Thanks, Dee!

Thanks, Karen Anne! Sometimes I'm on a roll, glad you like it. Yes, the bucket is good for salespeople and witches 8-] ♥

Epic said...

How fun!!! Stopping by from Katie's linky to say hi.

Minta's Creations said...

Sounds fun, Stopping by from Katie's Linky.


The Artful Diva said...

You are having I good time, I see!

Crafty Gardener said...

Thanks coming by my blog and leaving a comment.

What a fun idea this is.

Yael from www.HomeGardenDiggers.com

New End Studio said...

Hi Char, Minta, Artful Diva, and Yael! Thanks for visiting from the Favorites hop, lovely to meet you.
Minta, the embedded comment form locks me out, sorry I couldn't leave a comment for you. ♥

Lucy said...

I love your jokes!! Can't wait to see what you make and I will wait, I don't want any houses dropped on me LOL

New End Studio said...

Hey, Lucy- no fear I won't drop a house on you, maybe a garden shed, just kidding ;)