Banner Roundup

When I started writing the blog, I kept changing the blog banner, as I was learning new ways to make adjustments to the template and bringing in gadgets and things like that.  What a long strange road it's been!  A few years ago I had never seen a blog and now this blog is still going for a couple of years after trying three others wherein I just had no real interest in the subjects.  So, I've since stayed on course and very glad I did.

This post is just a roundup of the banners that were on the blog in the past.  I see posts regarding the old banners show up in the nRelate widget and if you were to click on those, they would say something like, "Here's a new banner I just made and I'm trying it out to see if I like it."  Except if you read that post now, you wouldn't see the banner in the header.  So, I'm going to delete most of those old posts and you can see how far I've come forward with the old banners, compared to the current banner.  And, guess what, I'm going to put the current one in the post, just in case I change it again.  lol

I do want to mention the nRelate widget, (under the post) as I had problems with the Linkwithin widget and very glad I switched to nRelate.  They have all kinds of options and choices, when I had a question, they emailed me almost immediately and everything was satisfactory.  I decided to add the widget since I saw many bloggers using the Linkwithin and nRelate serves the same purpose.

Don't laugh at my basic banners from days of old (2010)  I never said I was a technowizard and have learned a lot since then.  Although that skill would come in handy.   These are in no particular order until you see the last one which is the current one (June 2012.)  I lost photos off the hard drive, so these are the only ones I could find. They're not full size, okay you know that

Last one is the current banner header, June 2012.    I think I will keep the current one for a while.  It covers  the gamut without having to spell things out.  Thanks for bearing with me on this post.  I want to give a "Thanks" to "BannerFans" where I made most of the early banners.  I used Picnik for the others.  

If you'd like a hand with your banner, send me an email newendstudio@gmail.com.
Also, see my Badges and Buttons post for a look at some of the buttons I've made.  Both banners and blogs can be an inexpensive but dynamic way to update your site.

ETA:  It's only October and I have changed the banner, badge, and color scheme again.  I guess it's cheaper than buying new shoes or redoing the house.