April 4, 2012

Random Photos

Record snow that year.
A pretty view from my backyard.
Sometimes we want to see who is behind the blog, their home, town, etc.  I've some random photos of present and past homes.  I will have to make time to scan more pre-digital photos into the computer to show more.  Until then:
Moved fridge to this wall.
Christmas 2010

Part of the kitchen window overlooking
the backyard, stove on the right.

Lucy on the screened-in deck.
$30.00 find on craigslist!
The place where I fell and
 split my knees open.

Room has since changed, where I
sit at the desk to type this.
The original toy box for #1Sweetie.
I took a sturdy cardboard box
and kept cutting the lid back
until he felt comfortable
sticking his nose in w/out the
lid coming down on his head.
Voila, covered with sticky Contac
Paper and used for many years.
Just wipe the surface clean when
gets hairy and dusty.  

Made a few changes to this room
since this was taken (craft room.)

This desk was donated and
changes all around in this area.

This craft area has been
totally reorganized since
taking this photo.
A few of hubby's caps.
Pretty ironing board cover.

For some reason, this photo is fuzzy.
I planted all of those shrubs!

Problem is they call it "AbLounge"
doesn't feel like a lounge chair when
you're working on it!


Magic Love Crow said...

You made me laugh with your AbLounge! LOL! Love all these pictures! Except the place where you fell and split your knees open! Ouch!!! Not fun! Have a great day ;o)

Magic Love Crow said...

Oh, your 30.00 find on craigslist, amazing! Love the toy box and good for you planting all of those shrubs! That's a lot of work!

New End Studio said...

Thanks so much, Stacy that ablounge is like a gargoyle just sitting there, daring me... I just can't throw that toybox out.