June 5, 2011

Sunday Straphanger D-Day Memorial, VA

We visited this memorial and I have some photos, but I thought to give you the postcard views instead.  It's in Bedford, Virginia and we happened upon it by picking up travel brochures at a rest stop and we decided to make a detour to visit.  I'm glad we did, it's a beautiful setting with a sad, yet triumphant grandeur.

The garden resembles shoulder patch of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expedionary Force.

The day we visited, the sky was blue with a smattering of white tufted clouds, and it was warm with a strong breeze.  People were milling about, taking photos and listening to the shots reenacted as water sprayed up from the pools, resembling gunfire on the beaches.   

There wasn't any running around and laughing.  In fact, I don't remember seeing any children at the memorial.  Ages of people ranged from thirties and up, history seekers, accidental tourists, and then it seemed there were many people who had a personal connection to the day being honored. 

There were tears and hugs and memories shared that day.  Some people were talking about their parents or uncles, they were reliving some horrible times. 

In order to visit the memorial, you had to want to go there in body, mind, and spirit. 

Bedford, Virginia carries the distinguished, yet unhappy honor of losing the most men in the battle of the day.

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