June 2, 2011

Are You Missing... Followers Gadget

Are you missing your Followers Gadget?  It seems to disappear for days at a time.  Now you see it-Now you don't!

Here is a little button which gives your readers a chance to link up and follow your blog.  I installed it in the sidebar.  To get the simple instructions, go to the links below and, Bob's your uncle!   Okay, maybe not Bob, maybe Josh or Colin or ... 

Your new followers will be added and counted in your blog's dashboard.  They need to let you know who they are, though, as you get the total number, but not the images or names. To follow back, they need to let you know who they are in a comment or an email.  

Latest-techtips shows the process and Ladybugsteacherfiles shows how to add the centering capability.  Thanks to these two bloggers you can have your Followers link, too.

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ETA on Dec. 29, 2011:  The GFC gadget with the images is going away for non Blogger blogs sometime this coming Spring 2012.  This button may be an alternative for those blogs,
time will tell.   You can use it now, and it's free to use.

I'm linking this post here , please go check her blog for even more tips and fun features.


Gilded Owl Jewelry said...

YES! In my Camino Browser, but not in Safari or FireFox. ???????

New End Studio said...

It's missing in IE and Firefox for me. The Translator gadget has also disappeared.

Christina at I Gotta Create! said...

Thanks SO much for sharing your tip at the Blog Tips & Resolutions party over at my place!! Happy 2012!

New End Studio said...

You're welcome Christina, and thanks for hosting the linky. Have a great 2012!