What's Doing Wednesday? Dissection Prayer Aceo

ACEO in Storenvy Shop
The lowliest creatures on earth are still a marvel of design.  I couldn't, wouldn't dissect in Biology class.  I couldn't look at the  embalmed baby pigs in jars on the shelf.  The still alive, pinned and opened up frogs were incredibly difficult to look at.  Their hearts were beating, their breathing was a struggle, and they tried to move and disengage from the pins.  They looked at us, unbelieving our cruelty, pleading and suffering, and now, I still see their eyes.

Even this Kangaroo Rat has a place in the order of life.  Of course, he better not show up and run past me, I might have to jump!  Cute he might be, but he's still a rat.  Did you have to dissect in Biology?  There ought to be a better way to learn anatomy.

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The Krafty Cupcake said...

I love this one!! Sue x

New End Studio said...

Thanks Sue!