June 1, 2011

What's Doing Wednesday? Wizard of Oz Friends Inspired Aceo

Completed ACEO in Shop
A while back there was a blog hop featuring the Wizard of Oz.  I started on this aceo back then, but went on to do other things.  This has a little different twist on the Yellow Brick Road, the field of Poppies, going to the Emerald City, and the basket Toto was carried in. 

The striped socks could definitely be a witch's choice, maybe if she had some true friends she would have been nicer!  As long as they didn't try out new potions and curses on each other, lol.

My old friends took me to some fabulous places, some of which I show in the Sunday Straphanger series.  At one time, they were new friends who took me as I am, and I them.  That was our beginning which has now become a long history of friendship.   Do you introduce friends to new places, too?