I Spy With My Little Eye

The grass coming through looks like toes added to the trunk, Big Foot!
I spied the ground this morning, haven't seen it since about New Year's Day and that break between snowstorms lasted a few days.  This is another short lived pleasure as we are due for snow again. 


These snow shadows reminded me of blue ocean waves.
The OWOH event took me to blogs of people who live in warmer climes with photos of       beaches, seas, and gardens...they gave me a dreamy outlook to think of days yet to come.  Fingers crossed.

I've added a Translator to the right sidebar for visitors who'd rather read the blog in a

language other than English.  I looked for one that had the most language choices, and settled on this one in the sidebar.  

Since I'm sick of talking about snow and ice, even though it is pretty for a while, I'm going to make some changes to the look of the blog.   Replace the snow covered trees, maybe change the template colors, etc.  I've been admiring some of the blogs on the OWOH tour and want to take the winter feel off the page.  Nothing fancy, just without snow and ice, as I can see that in my own yard.


Megan said...

We've had 60-70 degrees for a few days now. It's been so nice after having snow and ice on and off for two weeks. I've had my heat off and the windows open! Refreshing! The days are getting longer so spring will be here soon!

New End Studio said...

Those longer days are full of potential...This has been an early winter and a deeply cold one, you are so lucky to have some windows open in February!! I'm holding on to wait for Spring!

T and C Bakery said...

It was so nice here for a few days, I could see the grass on my front lawn then......last night we had a huge storm, I can no longer see my grass :(