OWOH 2011 Winners Announcement

Throughout blogland, pets were drooling in anticipation...

Fruit was nervously rearranging themselves, they couldn't calm down...


Blog buddies had heard about the gathering in Times Square and it made their hair stand up:

The end was in sight for the OWOH 2011 celebration.  The congregation considered using  conflagration, soon confetti was about to rain down all over the world for the Grand Finale of all finales:

Thank you for participating in my portion of the event.  I now return you to regular blogging.  Good bye until next year.  Uh oh, knock knock, is anyone there?  Yoo hoo!
Oh, dear.  Well if anyone is still following this emergency broadcast of the NewEndStudio blog public service portion of the program, the following bloggers will wish to email NewEndStudio with their addresses:
Amy/The Heart of a Seed, you've won the 1st package with the fabric and other items.
Ziggy/Ziggy's Emporium, you've won the 2nd package of papergoods and other items.
Hope  you will enjoy these to help you make something fabulous and fun.
Thanks to everyone who commented to enter the giveaway and visited me and my blog so we felt we were a small part of something in the grand design.  I'm glad I happened upon someone's post, I don't remember where or when, but I decided to stop procrastinating and join. 
Thanks to Lisa/A Whimsical Bohemian for the yeoman's job of the whole OWOH experience for the 5 years of its reign.  Next year Lisa has a new event planned, go to her blog for more details and sign up to receive updates in your email inbox.
Over the past few weeks, I met talented, caring, joyful, struggling, energized, single, married, pet lovers, hobbyists, male, and female all that and more in the bloggers on the list.  Thanks for the great experience!  Exhausting and fun.
I've added a language translator to the blog, realizing that many people don't have English as their native tongue.  I've gained new followers(!) and I am happy to read and follow.   It will take a while to catch up with the list and find a rhythm to the reading.
The blog will lose its winter chill and take on a fresher look, something springish.  Nothing fancy, no flashing, no music, still with large print.  Maybe you don't know, but I have vision problems, had eye surgery, still continue to plod onward, but I make the blog easy for me to read, lots of blogs have print too small for me, or colors which whack my head, so I have to pass on those to find other blogs with calmer pages.  There are some great reads out there, but my eyes say, "No can do, move along, nothing to see here."  Can't fight Mother Nature.
Speaking of Mother Nature, we had a great day yesterday, temps in the high 50sF, not too sunny (for my eyes, that's good), most of the snow has melted-lots of puddles to jump, and it was very, very appreciated by me and other people, I'm sure.  However, this next Monday and Tuesday begins a winter blast again, icy mix and low 20sF.  I'll just remember these last few days and that'll be okay for me.   


ziggy stardust said...

Thank you!!! You are awesome! Woo

ziggy stardust said...

I am emailing you my address NOW!!!
thanks again! I am very excited and cant wait to receive my goodie bag to start creating!


Micki said...

Congrats to the winners...Wasn't it a fun event?

Michaele said...

HI there! You are my OWOH winner (pattern block manipulatives at Kindergarten's 3 R's!)!!!!

Please email me at: michaelek1(at)yahoo(dot)com with your preferred mailing address and I'll get them sent off to you asap!



Sunshineshelle said...

How cute is this!! I laughed out loud at the crazy fruit rearranging itself OMG - classic, so pleased I met you through OWOH, you have a great sense of humour & although I didn't comment I took note of you soup dish, I reckon that & some crusty bread would go down a treat (& I'm with you on the hot dogs, what the hell is in those things anyway LOL)!!!