Wowee, Tiger Food Press Goody Bag Has Arrived!

In a previous post I told you about winning a Goody Bag from Tiger Food Press, a Letterpress artist and book creator. 
She has two Etsy shops, here's a link:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/tigerfoodpress

Without delay, here are some photos of what the outstanding artist, Clare, sent to me:

Clare was so generous with this selection of items from her shop.  She sent bookmarks with trailer image on one side and words on the other side, a lovely embossed Gift Tag with envelope,  the fabulous quote card and envelope, the Pine Bough and Pine Cone card with envelope (which by coincidence I had selected for my, "Green is the Theme" Etsy treasury), the Eagle card, the Chicken and Fox card, and the lighthearted Love Struck card-  all with envelopes.   She wrote a note to me on the Retro Spaceship card, which I also find to be fabulous (her message as well as the image.)

Let me speak about the envelopes for a second, I really like the metallic and rich colors of her envelopes.  Really, yes, that's why I tried to photograph them for you, but my camera doesn't pick up the true colors:  silver, bronzy-copper, rich brown, forest green, true red, and pale blue sky color.

The cards are beautiful, the paper is quality, the colors and sentiment are right-on, and the packaging is high caliber, too.  When you write to someone using these cards, it'll be a keepsake.  If these were framed, you would smile to have these as company around you.

Thank you, Clare of Tiger Food Press, you brought me a lot of pleasure with this very generous giveaway gift.  I hope you are always happy in your work, it shines through.  Continued success with your Etsy shops...


Clare said...

Oh my, thank you for your wonderfully kind words! It was so much fun to put this little goody bag together for you. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Best wishes and happy new year!

M.M.E. said...

Congratulations! You won such a cool package.

New End Studio said...

Thank you Clare, and yes, it's a great feeling to have something so nice.