3PrincessesEngraving:Stylish Blogger Award-The fab 15

I woke up this morning and found an email about this:

3Princesses Engraving: Stylish Blogger Award - The fab 15

I'm happy to know that 3Princesses Engraving thinks this blog is well written and sent me this award.  This blog is a little labor of love.  I am not tech savvy so I don't use all of the bells and whistles that get lots of readers and followers. 

I have delayed and procrastinated about opening an Etsy shop, so I think I'm in an between place where I create some (a little) and buy (when budget or holiday demands,) but I don't have a shop which probably puts people off from reading and following the blog.  Such is life.

I have slowly picked up info here and there and try to make the blog less dull in appearance.  But, writing is sometimes slow and tedious, this, coming from a used-to-be voracious reader with an English Literature degree.  Ha!

Anyway, Congratulations to all of the Winners of the award.  I will be fulfilling the award requirements later and hope that all who read this blog and this post will find something interesting to read within our blogs.

Thanks to the people who have added this blog to their blog following list.  I love to read all of your updates and hope you have time to read mine, too.    Happy cold and snowy Sunday from here.  

If you have some time, check out 3Princesses Engraving's Etsy shop, she has some unique items, especially if you are looking for something personal and one of a kind:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/3princessesengraving

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