A Penny A Day Would Be Nice

Lucky 13!  30 Thanks is at post 13.   I'm thankful that I am not superstitious. 

I have purposely walked under a ladder and it did not collapse onto me.  I accidentally broke a mirror and my good luck, nonexistent as it is, did not get any worse.  Black cats followed me on my neighborhood walks, so no bad luck there, either.

I previously would not pick up a penny if it was tails, but since the economy is what it is, I will pick it up if these things are all aligned: 

     If when I bend down, no one is close by to see my rearend!
     There isn't a car coming who wouldn't see me, so I don't get rearended!
     It's a clean enough penny, so I'm not grossed out.
     And last, but most important,  I know bending to pick it up will not dislocate my hip!!!

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