Where To Be, Here or There?

Did you ever wonder why you are alive at this time, in this day and age, and not in some past century?  What makes us pertinent at this time in the history of the world?

I used to enjoy reading factual history books, the kind that were big and heavy, with black and white illustrations or photos  Turning the pages carefully lifting the thin tissue-like page which covered the photos and smoothing it back down to protect it, I'd wonder how these pages had survived so very long.

I wonder how people have survived so very long as well.  There must be a reason.  Best not to dwell on it and to just live your life.  It will be as long as it's supposed to be.

I'm thankful that I get to enjoy electricity- cooling in the heat and humidity plus heating in the cold months.  It's all as easy as pie, at the press of a button, without finding fuel to harvest, carry, and maintain.  We have shops full of everything worth eating, and some not, nevertheless, we have everything at our fingertips, including instant publishing- right here and now.   

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