Another Perspective

About two years ago, I happened to land on the most colorful and cheerful blog by Lucy, who writes "Attic24."  She doesn't know me or what her blog and the blogs of other people did for me back at that time.  It was a low point for me for various reasons and one dark and depressing day I saw the computer screen in front of me light up with spectacular colors and happy thoughts. 

During those moments, nearly every day I would go to read Lucy's blog and know that I would be refreshed and uplifted.  Now, I know this is too big a burden for a blog writer to have to write consistently and without moments of sadness, I'm not saying that.  I was able to feel connected to somewhere else when I looked at her photos and felt that out there, apart from my dark corner in the world, people are still plodding along and getting real joy out of ordinary things, people, places, and objects.

Because I found Lucy's blog, I would click on other links and find blogs which also gave me a bit of cheer.  I've tried recipes from other countries, watched videos, and went travelling throughout foreign and domestic lands.  It's wonderful.

Thankful to have found places of hope and happiness which sustain me.

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