Sweeties Marks and Almost Time to Paint the Trim

I have two spots on the wood trim in the kitchen where my #1 Sweetie who passed in 2007 left his mark. He would lean in and peek around the corner.

I refused to wash and repaint the trim.  But, now that I am getting closer to moving I have decided I will paint over it.  It is his mark and he is my dog and no one else will paint over that reminder of him.

Lucy left her mark, too.  Hers is a bit higher up on the wood frame.  She would have towered over #1 Sweetie. He, mostly Beagle and she, mostly Yellow Lab.

I noticed a smudge on the mirror, where she got up close to see what she looked like.  That memory makes me smile.

Well, if any one is thinking I am a terrible housekeeper, that is not the case.  I leave their marks the same as others carve initials.  Small and precious reminders of two whom I love and miss.

Do you keep reminders?

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