The Stinky Albatross and Writing Something New

practice lines and shapes
Limited to 20 shapes
Pencil drawing, New End Studio 

(Pencil drawing- Lines, Shapes, Space, and Directions.  Sorry it's upside down, a little like how I am.)

The situation here is still in flux.  One day it's up and the other day it's down, and around ...

To help pass the time and distract me from the myriad of worries I need a little creative outlet.  The heat and humidity stops me from gardening.  Bless you who can enjoy the sun and the bugs, but give me a screened in breezy porch and I'm happy.

Leaving things unfinished is like bad karma, the albatross on the neck. Stinky and uncomfortable. So, I'm giving myself permission to finish before I start something new. (Update: Two done, a few more to do!)

In the meantime, I started writing a couple of stories.  (No boxes to unpack, only my brain.  lol )  Last week with the first story, I got about 1,900 words in and I thought this one might need a pen name so I put the story aside for now.  With the second one, I was zipping along but my blood sugar was drooping, so I got to about 2,400 words and had to stop.  While I was writing it, I realized that it was going to be longer than a short story, so I named the chapters and scenes and pretty much know what's going to happen to the characters.

Writing with new to me software  (I long for an old typewriter) it's highly rated, but still an unopened book to me, a puzzle book, pun intended.  The software has more features than I have played with- I just want to get the words down and worry about the formatting later.

I don't know if I'll let these stories see the light of day.  How do you feel about pen names?   Don't care one way or the other?  Use initials or be gender neutral?  Or, use real name if at all possible?   (Something to ponder in case I finish these stories.)

If you've published something leave a link in the comments, too.      


Craftymoose Crafts said...

A lot of authors, as you probably already know, have used pen names early in their careers which I think is fine. But once fame hits, I say use your own or at least just one name.

It has finally cooled off here so I can try to finish up my home improvement projects, too!

Magic Love Crow said...

Congrats with the writing Gloria! Great stuff! I love your line drawings too ;o) Very cool ;o) We haven't had a hot summer this year. It's been weird! I am ready for fall! LOL! I say use your name ;o) Be proud ;o) Hugs ;o)

Gloria said...

Thanks, guys- ladies. I commiserate with you on the weather, although it has been hot and sticky for some days not as much as usual, thank goodness.

I think using the legal name is good for most work, some of the experimental pieces might need a pen name, it'll be something fun to think about if and when I get to the publishing stage. But, you're both right, and it's something to look forward to. Thanks!

~Rasz~ said...

Hi Gloria! We're getting hit hard with the heat too. I use to do it well, but no longer. I really like all your line drawings, very cool and I think you starting writing it wonderful!!!! As for a pen name, I don't know. I first used Rasz (my nickname from my initials) for blogging because I was so scared to use my real name, silly I know. You will know what's right for you when the time comes. Keep on writing and I am so happy for you! Big hugs!

Gloria said...

Thanks very much, Robin. I'm glad you stopped by- you're brave though, you have your photo! You make me smile with your good words.