May 10, 2013

Kicking it With Heat and Tang on a Cracker

In trying to put together some quick, inexpensive, semi-low calorie and taste good meals I put this little idea together for shrimp and hummus on crackers.  Crackers aren't usually low calorie due to the fat content (which makes them nice and crispy when fresh) but the shrimp and hummus have a way of balancing out the rest. They are more filling than just cheese and crackers, plus a benefit is that shrimp and some other seafood are an aid for relieving pain.

This isn't about that retro powdered drink, from the 1950's "Tang" this is about fire and tang in a meal, not bland. The hummus fires up the shrimp here...  

Here's my meal of crackers with Fire Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, topped with pre-cooked medium size Shrimp and then sprinkled with some herbs and Sesame Seeds.   I was surprised at how filling this was.  I thawed out too many shrimp so some of the crackers have two, and the 12 ounce bag will last me a while.

I'm trying to experiment with foods I don't usually eat in an effort to let go of some if not most of the foods I turn to for a fast meal when I am in too much pain to cook.  My freezer has mostly vegetables, but there are also mini meat loaves and meatballs, I cooked and froze, plus blueberries for yogurt and oatmeal (I hate to eat oatmeal but do because it's filling and healthy- steel cut oats) salmon, and chicken.  There is the occasional sugar cone with nuts and ice cream, but I am going to give them up! Well, maybe not.

This hummus has a kick to it and the red pepper is probably good for getting Vitamin C and helping a slow metabolism.  I guess you'd have to eat a lot of pepper for that, but every little bit helps.  I'm not a pepper lover, at least not the very hot ones, yet this has just enough heat and tang to it.

Foods are like key ingredients in a pantry for better health.  It's picking the right ones and leaving the bad ones on the shelf that is temptation.  (I am more regularly leaving chocolate on the shelf and not in my cart.)
What foods do you leave on the shelf?


Christine Altmiller said...

this sounds really really good! i love hummus and like shrimp. and spicy food, so i am certainly going to try it...maybe with smoked salmon too. that i Love! what do i leave on the shelf? most things. i walk through the store and ignore 97% of what is there. but the chocolate is always in my cart...Lindt dark with Chili. spicy and yummy!

Gloria said...

That chocolate sounds interesting, never tried a combo like that. I'll take your word for it ♥ It's amazing which things combine and make a totally new and delish flavor.

Terry said...

I'm leaving breads and crackers on the shelf. I can't stop myself once I start eating them so if we aren't having company, I don't buy it. Sad. :)

Magic Love Crow said...

These look yummy Gloria! Thanks for the nutrient facts! I "should" be leaving chips on the shelf! LOL! Take Care ;o)

Miss Val's Creations said...

I absolutely love hummus!!! It is so good for you and great on many things. Mmmm! I love junk food and sweets so I simply do not buy them. If I do give into a craving I can easily eat an entire package of whatever it is!!!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Those look really good, Gloria! I leave most store-baked items on the shelf, except for an occasional treat.


Yum, this looks good -- the shrimp looks like the perfect topper! I should probably be leaving quite a few things on the shelf, including instant noodles and candy -- there seems to be a lot of scientific research on the health benefits of chocolate though lol!

Gloria said...

All these new flavored crackers and interesting breads are a challenge to leave on the shelf for me, too. It's impossible to go low carb all the time.

Barbecue chips are my weakness.

One good junk meal leads to another! I have to go healthy for days, weeks afterwards to tame the tastebuds again. lol

The convenience of baked goods from the store is tempting. Once the prices got so high, I started baking more at home, not as decadent, but still pretty okay. I need to practice on cheesecakes!

Chocolate is a necessary food group!

Linda Bouffard said...

HI, Gloria! Love your header. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes for a great weekend. Linda