May 30, 2013

Hello Thursday, Here are Your Packages and Plans

How do you like your packages wrapped?  Fancy foil paper, plain tissue paper, recycled newspapers or Sunday comics?  These packages should be getting to their destination any day now.  Can't reveal the contents to you until the giftee has received them.  Oh, and I only took a picture of the large package before I wrapped it, because I forgot to take photos of the two smaller items before wrapping.  Slap to forehead and a not too naughty four letter word.  LOL

brown paper packages tied up with yarnThe image is disguised a bit, I played with it on
iPiccy, it's similar to PicMonkey.   iPiccy has lots of options and the "Merge Layers"  command makes all your choices come together nicely. There are definite differences between iPiccy and PicMonkey, if you are in need of photo editing, give them a try.

As it's Thursday, it's back to decluttering for me.  Many boxes in the basement to unpack and then repack what is left after sorting. Trying to leave a little room in the garage for walking through.

I thought to have the Yard Sale (thanks for the tips!) last weekend, but the weather turned cold and being outside for most of the day probably would not be a good idea.  As soon as I have more boxes unpacked I'll give the yard sale a go.

When I need a break from the boxes, the craft room beckons.  It's too bad, "box" is not a four letter word or I'd have my word ready for June 28th, the next linkup.  As long as I don't start dreaming about the basement and the boxes I should be okay. hahaha  

Have a great weekend and see you soon.  ♥


mail4rosey said...

Good luck if you do decide to do the yard sale. My kids have been bugging me for years to do one. I may surprise them someday. :)

I'm visiting today from Thursday's Favorite Things.

Lucy said...

Good Luck with your yard sale, I have never had one but have often thought of doing one.

I love my packages wrapped all those different ways, I think wrapping is fun and just getting a gift is a nice lovely gesture.
Have a wonderful weekend and don't work too hard with unloading boxes :)

Lucy from Lucy's Reality

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I've always had trouble with "layers" in photo editing programs...I'll have to look at those two & see if I find them easier.

I think it is extra special when someone goes to the extreme with special wrapping paper--I'm the kind of person who appreciates any thing, any way.

Have a great weekend!

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria!!!! Guess what I got in the mail today!!! You rock girl!!! That painting you did for me is so cool! I can't stop looking at it! You made me laugh with the snow and I love the card about what Stacy means ;o) My friend, I am really behind in blogs and e-mails. I will try to post about it by tomorrow night, hopefully ;o) Thanks so much again! You really touched my heart! You didn't have to do this!! Hugs and love ;o) (I love all wrapping. It is all special!)


Nice wrapping really is the icing on the cake isn't it -- I think it tells the recipient that you really care! I love your simple, rustic packaging with the pop of red :)