4th Friday, Things That May ----

mixed media collage
I am on a roll.  My 4 letter word was changed at the last moment after the week that was.  I took a dim view with this word, but there is a little bit of sarcasm and humor, too.  "Things that may suck," not bleepable and  a word rarely spoken by me, but there it is.    

An old Zoology book provided the black and white drawings of the sea creatures and the insects.  An office envelope, dictionary page, and clippings from calendars, magazines, and scrap paper filled in the balance; then highlighters, ink, and Sharpies.

Some of the images:  Sphinx, Recliner, Feather, Dream-Catcher, Straws, Rain, Old Wood, Birthday Candles, Numbers,  ... Tick, Louse, Horse Botfly, and the two Sea Creatures.  Lots of things that Do or May Suck.  Things that time, age, and money can't inhibit, too.  I'm so glad I keep a happy balance,  lol.

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mixed media collage

I want to make a special mention for the Tornado survivors and their loss of family, friends, pets, property, businesses, and infrastructure.  A truly overwhelming devastation for them personally and for the country.  To those who are sending prayers, basic necessities, and money- I am with you.  Big hope that they will be back on their feet soon, with our help.

If you haven't seen Valerie's blog, "Everyday Inspired," go check it out.  Her theme this week was "Embracing Harmony," and I was invited to participate in a recurring series, Join the Conversation.  I thought the question was going to be easy to answer, but I did think about it for some time.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you soon.


AntiquityTravelers said...

Well that is having fun with a 'sucky' word ... ha, ha!

Terry said...

ha ha - super creative Gloria. Please send me the pinterest invite. I'm behind this month, but still planning to get in gear. :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your collage is great, Gloria! Love the humor!


Haha.. that is clever! And it really is an amazing piece of art at the same time :)

Evelyn Osborn said...

Clever!! Thanks for the invite;)))

Hugs, my Friend

Lucy said...

Way to turn it around, love how creative you are.
Lucy from Lucy's Reality

Magic Love Crow said...

June 28th, that's my mom's birthday ;o) Gloria, what do you do with your creations? This one made me laugh! I hope you have a great weekend ;o)

~Rasz~ said...

I really liked this collage! You have such a great imagination. Thanks for reminding me to link up here. I totally forgot, oops! Hmmm...I think Oops might be my word this week! Big hugs, Rasz