When You Get a Bouquet, Say Yes

Take a look at the left sidebar.  Not the top, keep going?    (ETA:  Skip this part, the image was removed, but you can still see it down in the post.)   Do you see it?  Say, "Yes, I see it."  Got it?  I know you do.  Flowers,  gorgeous inventions.  We wouldn't have so many perfumes without flowers.

midwest snow New End Studio
Every so often I buy myself a bouquet of flowers.  Sometimes they are big and bright, other times they are soft and muted.  When I'm in the store, even if I don't buy, I always take a glance at the assortment.  Sometimes I walk right up to the flower display and smile.  I just can't help it.  Bouquets of flowers are awesome, especially in the long midwest winter.

The last bouquet was all miniature carnations.  I'd never seen those before, they just made me take them home.  They were so perky and petite and practically jumped into the cart.  These minis conjured up images of tea parties and teddy bears with dolls and my grass, leaf, and twig salads.  Even as a young girl I knew one day I'd be eating the green stuff!

They are darn hardy flowers, too.  I had them for almost three weeks, I really enjoyed them.  They brightened each day for me.  As the life for the bunch was ending I wanted to do something other than drying them out to remind me of their gift to me.  Not a gift as in, I bought them, but a gift of their scent, colors, liveliness, and company.  Divinity and Nature from the Original Creator.

There you have it.   Take the petals off the flower head and save all the best parts of the stem and buds.  Once you start pulling or cutting off the petals you'll see other parts of the flower that weren't visible before.  Such as little green softnesses, yes I made that word up, and thin stringy moist shapes- all those things that go into making a flower so special and amazing and it didn't even need any help from us to be so beautiful.

I put the petals in a large bowl and the stems in a separate container as it made it easier to sort and select.  Put some background down, I used colored cardstock.  Arrange your letters using the petals and the other flower parts as you like.  Keep wagging tails out of the area or your petals will go flying off the paper!  (Lucy likes to be in on the action.)

March 10 is the three year anniversary for the blog.  I said yes to this endeavor, and hope to continue as long as I am able and the technology exists.  It (technology) changes so fast, doesn't it?

I want to say that you are my Vitamin G: girlfriends, blogfriends, readers, commenters, a bouquet of varied and colorful souls; and I appreciate each and every one!
Thank you for your energy, jokes, gifts, and sharing this space with me.
You make this blog smell better!

When you have the choice, if at all possible,
New End Studio flower message


Question:  What's your favorite once in a while treat you give yourself?


Artsy VaVa said...

That is so pretty! I treat myself to flowers once in a while too...and sometimes chocolate!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Happy Blogiversary!! what a wonderful post, and I would say flowers are my treat as well .. but I like to cut them from my yard. Only the ones that have fallen over, but the flowers still have a lot of life in them. Then I don't feel so bad about cutting them. :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Beautiful post, Gloria. Happy blog anniversary, too. I'm bad at treating myself...once in awhile, that is. I am very good at treating myself regularly with craft supplies, sweets, etc.

Magic Love Crow said...

This is such a beautiful post Gloria! I love it! Thank you for having a great blog and always being so helpful with everything! I love what you made! My mom loves cut flowers too! I have to admit, on special days, like Mother's Day, Easter, etc. that's what she wants ;o) For me, I treat myself all the time! LOL! If it's a new piece of art or a gargoyle! LOL! If I look at something and it is calling my name, I get it, if I can ;o) Have a great one and happy anniversary ;o)

Linda said...

Hi Gloria, This post is great, and I love it. Flowers are nice and they do make me feel good. I like to treat myself to a new drawing pen or some sort of art supply. I feel happy when I'm drawing or doing something with art. Even something small.
Happy Anniversary..

Christine Altmiller said...

Happy Blogiversary, Gloria!!! I am so glad we hooked up here :-) I just LOVE your "SAY YES" photo~it is beautiful! My occasional treat to myself is a new CD of the musicians I love. I am not sure if it is a treat, as I find it almost as important as oxygen to me.

Lucy said...

Wow, three years, congrats!! Love your 'say yes' photo!! I'm not sure if I have a specific pick me up treat? I will grab flowers from time to time too and I understand that need during those long mid-western winters :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Happy Blogiversary Gloria! Carnations are so sweet. When I have a bouguet, many times there are 2 or 3 in there. Thay always last longer than all the other blooms! I usually treat myself with something chocolate related. :)

Terry said...

Love your Say Yes flowers,...gorgeous and meaningful. My occasional treat is fresh bread. Nothing makes me happier. :)

Gloria said...

I don't know why I didn't reply to these comments before. I do know, because you all made me weepy and here I am again. Thank you so much for these wonderful words. You are all getting big hugs and bunches of flowers from me! Hankie not included.