Four Words From My Friendly Furry Sponsor

inspiration rule live first blog later

Do you get this message sometimes?  "Live first, Blog later."   Maybe it is all the busyness catching up with you or appointments to keep.   Household chores, errands, cleaning, cooking, ...    All the normal things usually taking up your time, before you ever get to put brush in hand, or needle in thread, or beads on a wire... and then to blog about it. 

I manage to have a nearly tech-free Sunday each week.  Well, I try to anyway.  For me, it is necessary to give my eyes a rest and my brain a chance to focus on other things than whatever is on the computer screen.

I try refreshing my soul and nourishing my  heart towards the bigger picture.  I am not always successful.  If I turn the tv on and see chaos, corruption, and brutality- well, there goes any refreshment I was seeking.  

Putting on music, or just listening to the birds sing,  to get that quiet feeling, for me the house needs to be almost silent, that is nearly impossible to secure.  Why did it used to be so easy to tune-out the static and buzz, even just a few years ago.  The older I get, the quicker time passes, the more fragile life's balance has become front and center.  There is no escaping, it was always like that, but becoming aware is a blessing, I suppose.

What about you?  Do you tune out the chatter and buzz on any given day?  Does it help you to focus or feel renewed and energized?    



D @ The Shady Porch said...

Hi Gloria, I, too, try to keep Sunday free from the clutter and chaos of everyday living...unfortunately, I have been failing miserably. I am hoping with the onset of spring (8 days...squeal) the warm weather will aid me in my quest to seek quite and calm for awhile. Thanks for sharing at the Rock N Share! I enjoyed your post!

Christine Altmiller said...

Lucy is adorable...and a smart sponsor :-) There seems to be a direct correlation between how old we are and time passing so quickly. I admire your ability to unplug on Sundays. I used to do that before I started blogging. I really loved it...it was peaceful and my focus on what I was doing that day was always sharper. You have given me a lovely reminder to start doing that again.

Paula Miller said...

Lucy is an adorable sponsor! I'm crazy busy over here most days, and when if give myself a day off from stuff, I usually regret it later.

Magic Love Crow said...

I love Lucy ;o) I know for me, when it comes to painting, everything has to be shut down! That's why sometimes, I am a day or two behind in blog land. As far as everyday things, I have to admit, blogging comes last! If I am cleaning or doing other things, I get those things done first!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That's a wonderful quote from Lucy! Especially at this time of year, I make a big effort to realign my focus to the more important (at least to me) things in life. Blogging is way down on that list!

AntiquityTravelers said...

yes .... trying to find time to unplug, without that guilt feeling of checking in with the blogosphere. Good for you for trying!

Miss Val's Creations said...

It is so difficult to be tech free these days. My quiet time ends up being first thing in the morning before work. Although I turn on the computer to package up the night orders, I do not have the tv or radio on. So when I shower and eat breakfast it is in peace an quiet! I have chosen to just do 1 blog post a week so it is purely fun. :)

Linda said...

There are times when I love the quiet time, mostly in the afternoon. Then I can concentrate on anything I want. Art mostly or even taking a nap. It's my time that I cherish.

I love Lucy...such a sweetie.