Easter Treat Turn Fabric Scraps Into Pretty Egg Cozies and Make a Burlap Egg Cup With a Paper Tube

decorate for Easter and keep your eggs warm and cozy
Ways to Dress Up Your Eggs or Keep Them Warm
I have for you today a quick and easy Easter inspired craft using bits 'n pieces of ribbons and trims from my, "all mixed up scrap fabric drawer." No matter how many times I have organized it, the drawer always produces a Treasure Hunt.  I think I like that sense of discovery! Can we not say, "Hoarder!"

This quick and easy diy also requires an empty toilet paper/tissue roll or other paper/cardboard roll, such as Waxed Paper, Foil, etc.  

If you were with me a few months ago, I wrote about my adventure in sewing a Rosary Case. Well, it was time to climb that mountain again, the sewing machine mountain.  I successfully scaled it!  Of course, the thread came out of the needle a few times and I didn't have to change the bobbin on this project, so I may have just escaped the usual mountaineering accidents.  On to the project...

upcycle tp roll use ribbon trims sew felt

The image is pretty self explanatory, don't you love that expression, it's kind of irritating, but anyway-

For the Cup:

Cut an empty toilet paper roll in half or thirds. Eyeball the burlap by wrapping it around the paper roll and cut to fit. Use glue or gluestick to attach burlap to roll.  Cut out your trims and glue them on; allow to dry and then you have a nifty Easter Egg Cup.

For the Cozy:

The felt egg cozy uses two pieces of felt, cut the same size, approximately a three inch wide semi-circle.  Three inches wide at the straight edge. This will fit a large or xl egg.  Go to two inches wide for a small or medium egg.  I prefer not too snug, so made them larger.

I sewed along the outside, so there are no turned seams. Hand sewing is also a good option. Then for personalization or frippery, glue or sew on ribbons and your trims.

Now I'm inspired to find my egg cups and buy some new ones, maybe a thrift store discovery, too.  Soft boiled eggs in a cup, how nice on a cold morning.

If you eat eggs, what's your favorite way to cook and eat them?  If you don't eat eggs what's your favorite breakfast?  

EDIT:  Wanted to share this in case any one is wondering how to get the frayed edge on the burlap without all the edge coming undone:  Snip one single strand of the burlap weave and then pull it up/or down and off the piece you are working with. That's it.  Enjoy and Happy Easter!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

These are really cute & quick to make! I use napkin rings to permanently display my Pysanky eggs, but these would be cute for dyed Easter eggs.

Surprisingly, we most often eat omelets for dinner with potatoes, onions, etc. Can't remember the last time I had an egg for breakfast!


An empty toilet paper roll -- brilliant!!! They look so pretty in the pictures, I would never have guessed they were also a great recycling project. I LOVE eggs -- hard boiled, soft, scrambled, fried, omeletted... add them to toast, hash browns and salad, and I'm a happy camper :)

Magic Love Crow said...

This is fantastic Gloria! Great idea! Thank you! I love eggs! I will eat them any way! I could eat them everyday too! Yummy ;o) Happy Easter my friend ;o)

Miss Val's Creations said...

These are very fun! Nice work! I love eggs scrambled or hardboiled. Of course eggs is another food my stomach is sensitive too so I have to eat them in moderation!