Santa's Surprise Delivery

Two Succulent Sisters giveaway Christmas terrariumSanta delivered a present to me from a blogger friend, Linda.  I was lucky to win her giveaway for a Shabby Chic White Terrarium.   It's gorgeous, what can I say?  It makes me think of tea parties and antique shops, playing dolls as a little girl, and dressing up with jewelry and Mom's high heels.  It's doilies and lace and everything nice.

Linda was terrific in mailing this to me. She also included 3 Handmade Reversible Ornaments, a package of Snowglobe Stickers,  a card and an Andes mint that Lucy sniffed out, but did not get to eat, lol.

Linda, "THANK YOU!"  I have the terrarium sitting on a table and I am mulling around in my mind what to put inside it.  There is a collection of sand castles and a bowl full of seashells- I thought they might look nice inside.  Or, maybe a couple of souvenier dolls and knick knacks.  Or, maybe I should start from scratch and go to the dollar and thrift stores for inspiration.  Linda shares lots of crafts on her blog and she has used dollar store items many times.  Recipes, crafts, and lots more to inspire on her blog.

Check out the elf  who picked my ticket and here is the terrarium on her Mom's mantel decorated.  Linda and Carol are blessed to have their mom, who is 103, yes, 103 years old and still active, sewing, baking, and with a genuinely lovely smile.
Two of the ornaments above my kitchen sink.
Two Succulent Sisters, Linda says it better than I can, "Hi, my name is Linda. Years ago my sister, Carol, and I read the book, Succulent Wild Woman by Sark. The book inspires all women to be WILD enough to be themselves and to enjoy life to it's fullest. Since then, we joked around that we are wild succulent sisters and thus the name of my blog Two Succulent Sisters was born. This is my blog about my love for art, creativity & daring to do DIY projects. I invite you to browse around, and with the added talents of my family, see if we can inspire you to be Succulent & Wild too!"

I'd love to have a walk round her "Junk Garden."  The pink bike is so lighthearted and fun, and the statuary and whatnots bring a smile to a stress filled day.

After the Sandy Hook School murders Linda was inspired to make 26 angel paintings and put them on the roadside at the way into the town.  You can see her post with images, "Angels of Newtown" here.   A labor of love.

Thank you, Linda!  I am delighted with the terrarium and know it will be a reminder to me of your talents, kindness, and generosity of spirit.

If you haven't visited Linda's blog, I hope you will.  


Lucy said...

It is gorgeous and those reversible ornaments too!! Have fun filling it :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Wow Gloria, you won some beautiful treasuries! The ornaments and that gorgeous terrarium! How special! I know you will treasure everything! Linda and Carol's blog is really sweet! Bless their mom! 103!!! Great smile on her! Way to go! Big Hugs my friend, and I hope you got my e-mail ;o)

Additionsstyle said...

Lucky you, that terrarium is beautiful. I love Linda's blog thanks for sharing.
Everyday Inspired

AntiquityTravelers said...

How lovely! I've always loved having a terrarium ... as a kid I planted them often. So lovely to see you back blogging my friend :)

Paula Miller said...

That is a beautiful terranium!! So much you could do with it ...

Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party Gloria!!



O lucky you -- that terrarium is beautiful! Wouldn't it be cool if it could somehow be turned into an aquarium.. or a greenhouse for the Sylvanians haha.. a blessed new year to you dear Gloria :)

Linda Bouf said...

Oh, my goodness, Gloria, what a stellar review of my blog! I should go visit... ha ha ha I'm so glad that you won and are enjoying the little terrarium! It's amazing and shabby, too. :) No matter what you put in it will be great. Linda