Never Giving Up, Craft Tries and Failures

A little glitter is okay by me, I don't go overboard.  Since it was for Christmas, I said to myself, "just try and make them."  So, I tried.  And failed.  But, hey, I don't give up and made them over and over.

In the thrift store there was a package of 3 bulbs, the kind you put on your string of lights.  It was missing the fourth bulb, but that was fine by me, cost:  a big 25 cents.

3 bulbs ready to be decorated
As you can see from this image, I masking taped out my designs and selected the glitter colors.  I've had this glitter for what seems like eons, so it was about time I used it.

The blue was going to look like stained glass. The red had tiny little masking tape stars, I used the little punch for those.  The other red was taped off in stripes.  I taped over the brass bottoms.

Craft Try #1 on DAY ONE: I used Elmer's Clear Glue and sprinkled, patted, and pressed the glitter onto the bulbs, and waited for them to dry.

Fail #1:  I must have pressed the masking tape on too tightly, as it peeled off along with all of the glitter designs I had created.  It was a sorry looking mess.  Plus, the glue would not thoroughly dry.

Craft Try #2 on DAY TWO:  Having cleaned off the glue and glitter, washed and dried the bulbs on DAY ONE I decided to paint the bulbs to see if they needed a rougher surface for the glue to adhere and dry. Then I had a break for tea and Y&R, giving up on having the designs.

Fail #2:  The paint wouldn't dry on the bulbs. So I didn't get to put the glue and glitter on them.  I again cleaned, washed, and dried the bulbs and left them to cook dinner.

Craft Try #3 on DAY THREE:  The next morning I used Mod Podge on the bulbs and glittered them in a solid, except for the tip of the red one which the silver glitter had stuck to.

3 light bulbs glittered
DAY FOUR:  I used Ultimate Crafter Glue to hold the jute string that I wound around the bases of the bulbs.  After that was dry I hung the bulbs with ribbon to dangle in my window above the kitchen sink.  They catch the light and a tiny bit of sun.   The little teapot was also a  25 cent score at the thrift store!

Ta da.   

Do you know what is remarkable about this?  I didn't break any bulbs.  The little pink jar is from this post on coloring jars , another mish mash of craft tries and failures- is this a pattern?

There is a little yellow Sand Castle from Red Rose Tea and tiny winkles from an Irish beach in the jar.  I took a leaf off some fake flower stems and put a matching green rubber band to hold it to the jar.  The seashell on the sill is from Cape May, NJ.

Are you a giver-upper when/if you have Craft Fails?  Or, do you just work it until something is satisfactory?


Christine Altmiller said...

i absolutely admire that you tried and tried again!!! these are so cute and happy (glitter is always happy!). honestly, i would have put it aside after attempt #2, to be reworked in the future. then i never would have gotten back to it. jewelry projects i try over and over until i get it right. other things, i don't have as much patience for.

Lucy said...

I love that you shared how many times it took you to get such cute Christmas bulbs. Most don't share and you sharing this makes me more willing to try and no it is ok to have to do it a few times before you might get there :)

A Half-Baked Notion said...

Love that you included all the "fails", Gloria. We don't always see it at the time, but our mistakes teach us SOOO much more than our successes... not to mention making the project more memorable LOL. I'm stubborn by nature (as in "that project is NOT getting the best of ME!") I do tend to forgive and forget once the happy end product emerges, thankfully!

Liz Luscomb said...

Thanks for following along with me from the Blog Hop! You have an adorable blog. I'm now following you and I can't wait to look around. :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Good for you for sticking with you project and making it work! I'm wondering if roughing up the slick glass surface with some sand paper might have made the glue/paint stick?

Magic Love Crow said...

Good for you Gloria, not giving up!! Everything turned out fantastic! I love what is in the jar!!! I have to say, I keep working on my crafts. I don't give up. I might walk away, but I don't give up ;o) Hugs ;o)

Moon Stumpp said...

I stopped in to your blog via a op and I'm sooooo glad I did!!! Fabulous post!

Paula Miller said...

I don't think this project was a fail Gloria, although I have had plenty myself. Hate when you plan on doing a blog post on an amazing project or recipe, only to have it fail.

Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)