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I'm corralling the buttons and badges from bloggers right here!

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Let me show you some of the various buttons I've made:

To see them in full size go to the blogs.   Some of these feature the artist's own art, some of the art is my own.  I can use free backgrounds and clipart also.  Do you want to use your photo or a child's drawing?  Make your choice of using your current logo or having a new logo.  Then add colors and fonts to the creative mix.  Simple or layered, the looks are almost limitless.

For a very reasonable price I can make you a button, too.

Send me an email, "newendstudio@gmail.com" to start the process.  Thanks.

To look at some of my banners, click HERE.  

I put some of the blog awards given to me in this collage:

To read the original posts relating to the blog givers and to get their blog addresses, just do a search from the sidebar.    

ETA:  I've turned off comments for this page.