October 11, 2012

A.S.A.P. Angel Intervention

There have been times in my life where I felt that divine intervention, some supernatural power not of our earthly realm was stepping into my personal space.  Angels are said to be Secretly Always Present, always nearby.  We are usually unaware of them; unaware until something happens to make that connection visible.

Example:  I used to regularly drive on an interstate to go to and from work. The highway was several lanes in each direction, traffic moved fast unless there was a jam.  There were lots of on ramps and exit lanes and although yielding is the rule, you can forget about that being practiced on the interstate.  It was always rushing, cutting  in and out of lanes, you know what I mean.

That morning the sky was lovely, the weather was comfortable, and I wished I was going somewhere other than work.  I saw the car coming up behind me, but I was boxed in, with no where to maneuver.

In a split second, which seems to last much longer, in close calls, I knew that I was going to be hit and probably die if not be tragically incapacitated.  Yes, it was that dangerous a situation.

I said to myself, "Okay I won't get to be an old lady, Mom and ***  are  going to be very upset about all of the blood..." and I accepted that.  Isn't it strange what goes through your mind at those moments? Then I expected the impact,  but it didn't happen.

Something took the steering wheel and whoosh, the speeding car seemed to pass through me, not around me nor to the side of me.  I knew something, not my actions, not the other driver, but something else unexplainable had moved me through time and space to escape inevitable disaster.  That was a very weird sensation.  I repeat, that was a very weird sensation.

Right after, I felt a sense of being chided, scolded, I got the impression that my guardian angel was a bit annoyed with me for having to be on the ball and work hard and fast to save my life that morning.  Wow, maybe I would get to be an old lady someday after-all, maybe there was a reason for this save.    

He will give His angels charge of you, to guard you in all your ways.  
On their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.                                                                                   
                                                                                        Psalm 91: 11-12

There was no other way to explain what happened.  He had done the same thing for me years before.  No, I'm not a bad driver, the earlier rescue happened on a two lane road, one lane in each direction.  That time the car was headed directly towards me, driving in the wrong lane.  Maybe that's why he was annoyed, he had done this before and possibly he wanted a new assignment?  I was driving a lot and it wasn't a good thing for my health, besides the traffic, it was the hours of driving that were wearing me down.  So, do angels get tired, too?

On this same highway, on a different day,  miles from that near collision, I drove past a burning car, the woman driver was inside.  I saw her moving in the flames.  People had already stopped to see if they could help her when I drove past her burning car.  I wanted to help her, too, but  if those men couldn't pull her out of the car, I didn't think I could either.  She didn't survive.

That image of her inside the car has stayed with me even though I don't think about it.  I've wondered about her life, how did she get to that place that morning?  Was she distracted, angry, daydreaming of a vacation, reviewing her workday, pondering a divorce?  I thought about what she might have been thinking other than how to get out of the car, you know, was she thinking of her children, her husband, or something else?  Did she have hope that she was going to be rescued?  Was she cursing or praying?  Were there regrets?  So many questions...  .

I don't know why I was saved from these near tragedies.  Maybe someday I'll find out that it wasn't even about me, maybe it was for the other driver to live another day.  To realize their dreams, to mentor, raise their kids, create a charity, patent a remarkable invention, create art, train cooks, capture light and beauty from nature in a way that gives pleasure and happiness to even one person, to fingerpaint with the grandkids, to cuddle with the furbaby, to love, to forgive ...

If you're interested in my photo, it was taken on a train travelling from near The Loop in Chicago going to O'Hare Airport. I was attempting to take a photo when the train stopped, to show the station name, but this is what I got instead.  Those are the lights and my camera flash reflection.  I liked the effect for this subject.

Have you been rescued by an angel or encountered one for another reason?

Hope you aren't put off by this subject.  Let me know if this was too dark for you, it isn't meant that way.   
(Another time a bank was involved, but I'll save that account (pun) for another day.)  


ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Trust ~ you are loved and sometimes there is no rational explanation ~ for good luck ~ bad luck ~ same thing ~ although there are malicious people ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^

Linda said...

We must all Believe. We don't need an explanation.

Creative Atelier said...

I just found your blog, your post is touching. I too have experienced something similar. I can't explained what happened & probably there is no explanation. I just know I was given another chance.

AntiquityTravelers said...

WOW - what a post Gloria, and what an amazing experience. Not in a good way - or bad ... just life changing I would imagine. So interesting that it happened more than once? I, for one, am quite glad you are here my friend :)

ArtSings1946 said...

Oh, this is a wonderful and mystical post. So well written ... do you think sometimes that when you write and you look back on it and you wonder who the heck wrote that. That happens to me all the time. I believe and know that this happens all the time ... it's just that you remember. Did you see the movie the Adjustment Bureau ... that was something to ponder on. Life is a mystery and is meant to be that way. I love my Guardian Angels and all angels and they are around us all the time.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Love and Light,

mail4rosey said...

This summer my daughter (13) and I were driving at dusk and a humungous silhouette shaped like a butterfly hit my front window while I was driving. It made me swerve (I never swerve) like crazy. My daughter and I both saw it, but it was not something that was there, it was surreal. And then we saw the two boys on bikes (her age). I would have hit them. I don't know if it was their angel or ours, but I was sure glad it came around that day, and I still am today too. Crazy, glorious stuff that.

Your post was awesome, but it made me laugh too, wondering if we drive angels nuts w/our antics. :)

IrelandBrady said...

I did not find this dark in the least; in fact, I felt it uplifting and inspiring.

And I love the new meaning you provided for the letters ASAP = Angels Secretly Always Present.

Thank you....

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I was born on the Feast of The Guardian Angels and didn't find your post dark at all. I believe we have angels watching over us all the time.

Lucy said...

Love the photo and your new blog look. So many bloggers are doing makeovers!!

LOVED the post, I love hearing what others believe,feel and experience,this was wonderful :)

New End Studio said...

Hello ladies! Thanks for the kind words and sharing your story, too. I'm glad you enjoyed this retelling. The photo is something a bit different, but I wanted to stretch and see what happens.

Thank you so much- I'm emailing to everyone who had an email address. The "noreply bloggers"- doncha wanna fix that? lol

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, I didn't think this was dark at all! I found it very interesting and inspiring. I truly believe we have angels, "guardians", around us. Everything that happens in our life, has a reason, a purpose. We might night understand, but there is messages in everything. We have to keep our heart, our soul, and our mind, open ;o)

Katherines Corner said...

I believe. thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Wishing you a beautiful day xo

New End Studio said...

Hey Stacy, thank you and I agree with you- mysteries and wondering, we are blessed to have the angels.

Hi Katie, thank you so much ♥