Three Penny Opera Triple Trick Cleaner

The first American penny was created in 1787 and the motto was, "Mind Your Business."  We get the word penny from the British, "pence."  However, US pennies say, "One Cent."

Bear with me, this is definitely going somewhere.

You can make cents, sense, and scents with this helpful little post.

Mind your pennies and the dollars will follow.

And so on...

It's a three penny opera of sorts.

This is Bobby Darin singing, "Mack the Knife."  If you're not aware of the "Three Penny Opera" and this song, a quick search will bring you lots of info.   It's one of my favorite songs, don't ask me why.
                                              Sing it, Bobby! ♥

Hope you try the cleaner, it's quick, effective, and a penny saver.
Vinegar can wipe out germs, bacteria, and mold.


Magic Love Crow said...

Yeppee!! Sing it, Bobby!!! I was tapping my toes!!! ;o) The cleaner sounds great! We are getting rid of our pennies in Canada! I will miss them! Hugs Gloria ;o)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Great tip, Gloria! Bobby can really sing it!

New End Studio said...

Hey Stacey, I heard about the end of your penny- we get them all the time in our change down here ;)

Deb and Stacey, Bobby was great wasn't he, gone too soon. Glad you like the vinegar tip, too.

AntiquityTravelers said...

Great post - always learning something new when I read your blog! I saw the 3 penny opera with Sting .. how weird was that! He is most definitely NOT an opera singer ... I do like Roxanne tho :)

Paula Miller said...

I have never made my own cleaner but sounds worth trying! I hope that your feeling happier than the other day when you received bad news. When I get bad news I go about my daily like continuously thinking about whatever it was. I cannot do any crafty stuff whatsoever, just mindless tasks like laundry etc.


New End Studio said...

Hi Cynthia, thanks! Ahhh, Sting ♥

Hi Paula, thanks, give it a try. I guess going on auto pilot works for a lot of us, it somehow is a little numbing and helps for a while. I am definitely breaking through and seeing what my next step will be.


Lucy said...

Thank you Gloria, I have always used Vinegar and Water for my mirrors,glass and window cleaning,very rarely do I use Windex and such. Anyway, I read this post and bought a huge gallon jug of Vinegar and made the spray cleaner, love it, just love it!!!
Again, thanks :)

New End Studio said...

Hi Lucy, I've been guilty of buying the blue stuff, but not anymore. Glad you are trying the cleaner, too!

Additionsstyle said...

Vinegar is great for a lot of things, I never thought about cleaning pennies. Thanks for sharing the process.
Everyday Inspired

Christine Kemp said...

Enjoyed the video and post TFS the cleaning tips. Cheers

New End Studio said...

Hi Valerie, love that it's natural, too. Thx for stopping by.

Hi Christine, glad you liked this and so good to see you. I hope you see this as I can't leave a comment on your blog due to the glitch and can't find your email. I've been reading and enjoying your art and creations, too ♥