Changes on My Mind

One of the ways I cope with bad news is to do busywork.  Laundry, ironing, decluttering, things like those which keep my hands busy and my mind unengaged from the bad news.  It lends some time to think and react, to just come to terms with changes.

So about ten days ago began this pattern which now finds me a bit drained and disconnected from the important things of every day life.

I filled my time by drinking lots of tea.

Doing laundry that didn't need to be done.

Deciding for the umpteenth time to stop updating this--->

I've cleared the cabinets, thrown away items, put others in boxes for donation, ripped out carpets, and took time to assess what the next step is going to be.  Somehow it's easier to throw things out when you are putting a new perspective on what's really important.

Of the several art and jewelry projects I had going on my desk, they all fell off my mind.  I just couldn't do happy things right now.

Karen Anne of  IrelandBrady - Musings to Ponder sent me this beautiful hand crocheted amulet as my name was drawn in the Celebrate Oz blog hop giveaway.  It was a bright spot in the last week.  She's a fabulous painter, too!  (KA I lifted this photo of the necklace from your blog.)

In the days ahead I hope to get back to my usual inquisitive self, but for right now, I'm exhausted.  Junk food and not enough sleep didn't help.

Not to get too personal, but how do you cope with bad news?


Gracey is not my name.... said...

I'm sorry you've had bad news....I hope things can get better...

I received the necklace..thank you..I haven't posted about it yet, though..

AntiquityTravelers said...

so sorry to hear you've got bad news

New End Studio said...

Thanks Tammy and Cynthia, it's a turning point that refocused priorities. A friend said, "One Day at a Time." So true. Thanks for being here ♥

You're very welcome for the necklace, Tammy. It feels good to know it'll be in your classroom.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Sorry to hear you are burdened with bad news. How I cope..it somewhat depends on the news. Sometimes you just have to spend time in the moment and then distract yourself as you have done.

Terry said...

Aw Gloria, sorry to hear your down and your news was bad. I tend to up my wine intake (which of course is another bad way to cope). Hope you're feeling more like yourself very soon. Big hugs.

Christine Kemp said...

Thinking of you because dealing with bad news is the pits. I tend to be like you and work hard at distracting myself from the real issue. I go for long walks and take one day at a time. Hopefully you will be able to ride the wave and get back to your old self soon.

Amber D. Mcnabb said...

I shove my head in a pillow and talk to God.
I LOVE this:
Somehow it's easier to throw things out when you are putting a new perspective on what's really important.

New End Studio said...

Thanks so much ladies♥

Deb, I agree, distractions only last so long and then facing/accepting must be done.

Terry, we could share some red, sounds like a good thing.

Christine, I used to do the long walk if there was quiet, too. My house is going to be in perfect shape for a bit because of this. I guess that's a good thing ♥

Christine, thanks for stopping- it's been a while- and I can't leave a comment on your blog.

Amber, I think He's sick of my voice, so I decided to listen through all the busywork. It's that static that needs to get out of the way now. Learning to trust, it's a biggie ♥

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Gloria! I am so sorry for everything that has happened! You know, I find with myself, I do paint. I try to create something good, out of something bad. I always feel there has to be a positive to a negative. Balance things out. Keep good energy flowing. And, I always burn sage! Keeps negative vibes away. Big Hugs ;o)

Lucy said...

So sorry you are dealing with bad news(:

Such a pretty pendant you won!

I deal with it the same way you do, distract and usually with cleaning, because while I am cleaning it helps me think or chat with the Man upstairs.
good Luck

New End Studio said...

Hi Stacy, that's a good way of looking at it to balance things if possible. All good energy come this way... ♥

Hi Lucy, you distract and clean, too- it must be a worldwide coping mechanisim :) The Man upstairs probably hears us banging on the ceiling and moving things around trying to get his attention ♥

Additionsstyle said...

Gloria, sorry you are having to deal with bad news. Each day will get better, and I agree keeping busy always helps. I hope each day get better and you get back to your creative life.
Everyday Inspired

New End Studio said...

Hi Valerie, thanks so much- a little time has passed and a new rhythm will emerge. It's just going to be a day by day thing. I think I need to play that Kelly Clarkson song, What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger!

Katherine C said...

I'm so sorry you have had bad news. When I am worried I often clean and cook a lot! I hope things are going well now. xo

New End Studio said...

Hi Katie, thanks, things are progressing, a new way to look at things and I will be stronger. You and I and a bunch of us all clean away when these things happen ♥