Dessert Cart Sugar and Brooches as Art

I have a small collection of brooches, plus a few long gone, but the images of them remain in my mind.  I do have one or two on my blazers and jackets.  Winter coats always have a holiday pin, usually a sprig of holly.   Holly symbolizes remembrance and especially with holidays calling out for family time, it's just a way of keeping them close.

If I wasn't sure to get glue and paint on myself, I might get dressed up just enough to wear my brooches at home. Wouldn't that be a sight?  Paint drips and bits of papers glued to my arms and then a brooch, you know, I just might try it!

Brooches are not for old ladies, just for ladies who aren't working with sticky fingers, unless they're sticky from the dessert cart at teatime.  Creampuffs!  Eclairs!  Sugar high... Neapolitans are a bit awkward to handle.

I think brooches are versatile jewelery pieces and little works of art.  Put them on a pillow, in a picture frame, as a holder on curtains, on a belt, handbag, or hat, to secure a scarf, or put a chain/cord/ribbon through the catch to wear as a pendant, etc.

Do you have any brooches or do you never think of them as contemporary?  What's your favorite dessert?


ArtSings1946 said...

I love brooches as well. My collection is Kirk's Folly from years back ... sparkle and glitter, fairy, mermaid,and magical creatures galore. I stick them on pillows and hang them from ribbon .. oh what fun.

Thanks for sharing.

Happiness to all.

New End Studio said...

I had a Kirk's Folly brooch some years back, a fairy on it, I don't know where it is... TFV artsings

Magic Love Crow said...

I have a small collection of brooches ;o) My favorite is a black cat with green eyes ;o) I also have my very first brooch I ever got, from my brothers for a birthday gift. I must have been around 13. It's bambi ;o) I am actually going to make a brooch pillow and display them ;o) I think brooches will never go out of style ;o) My favorite dessert, that's hard, but I have to admit, a nice piece of vanilla cake with chocolate icing, yummy, or mom's homemade custard, or mom's butter tarts or mom's lemon moose. I think those are my top ones ;o) LOL!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I think brooches will never go out of style. I enjoy making them as well as displaying them.

Favorite dessert....chocolate chip cookies!

Lucy said...

My mom always wears them on her coat. I wear them in many ways. On a scarf, necklace, lapel and shirt. So, yeah, I love them too!

New End Studio said...

Glad to know that you all like brooches, too. Stacy, your brooch pillow is going to be so pretty and the desserts make me want to try to make the custard.

Katherines Corner said...

Brooches! I have tons. I love that you can wear them all different ways. On your belt, scarf, etc. to me they never go out of style.

Dessert? hmmm not sure I have a favorite. I do enjoy my soy nut butter cookies. Maybe that is my favorite dessert. xo

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Gloria,

I love brooches! Yours are just beautiful :)

My favorite dessert would be anything chocolate.


Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Gloria,

Thanks for your visit and comment. After a busy weekend, due to the birthday of my husband, I feel relieved now, knowing what my hand's condition is. The knot is gone in my stomach. We must accept life as it comes to us at times.
Do I wear brooches? In fact a few antique gold and silver ones. One beautiful cameo and some with guilloché enamel roses in silver.
Since I cannot enjoy sweets (diabetic II) I do LOVE the bitter sweet chocolate things and put raspberries with that.
Love to you,

Sunshineshelle said...

Love brooches I have a collection on my old denim jacket... I was given a couple of my Grandma & teemed with lot's of pins from fave places I've been :) Love GELATO - YUM!!

New End Studio said...

Mariette, it's worse not knowing, glad you have your answers and make the best of everything. Your cameo brooch sounds beautiful.

Katherine, Dee, and Shelle- tfv and sharing your brooch bounty!

Desserts range from healthy & delicious to naughty & delicious, let's have both!

Additionsstyle said...

When I had a corporate job I used to wear a brooch every now and then, but since I started working at home I have not worn one. Great suggestions for using a brooch, thanks for sharing.
Everyday Inspires

New End Studio said...

Valerie, I think your jewelry would make great brooches!