Little Monkey Wrenches 29Faces Challenge

There I was zipping along working on a big art challenge, even made the mistake of saying, "I hope I can finish," and a few little gizmos in my mostly regular working mechanism, my life, called for recalibration.  You know how it is, I hope you do- when things happen and you need to shut down all external and artificial "things" that cause you to stray off course.  I ignored something and it had to be worked on and now that part is also, mostly back on track.  So that's good.

Then another little monkey wrench.  For all of my good intentions of trying to eat a salad a day,  there was a price to pay for not following that quiet voice that tells you that you're on the wrong path.  When I hesitated two days in a row not buying the salad items, I should have accepted that there was a reason.  I went to the grocery two days, the second day because I had to get something which wasn't on the list the previous day.

So, the second day, I said, here's my chance to do something healthy,  and I bought it.  I bought the DEVIL SALAD.  I've had mild food poisoning before, but this was the worst.  No explanations, you can imagine or google / search to find out what you've been missing.  A few days of intense misery and a few days of recovery.

And those are the little monkey wrenches I've been recently juggling.  Here are a four more faces for the 29Faces Challenge (links in the sidebar to all the participants.)  Technically I didn't make the challenge because of the gap, but I'm going to make all 29 faces one way or the other before the end of the month.  I missed posting the IA entry last week and I only half finished my aceo for the aceo challenge, but things happen and lesson learned.  When you hear that quiet impression telling you to do or not do something, "Listen!" and make the right choice.    


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Hope you are feeling better Gloria. Missing the challenges was the least of your problem if you had food poisoning! There is always next month.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, I missed you my friend! I was wondering where you were! As Deb said, missing the challenges was the least of your problem! I hope you are feeling better ;o) I love the faces ;o) Great job ;o) The blue faced girl, I really like! Big Hugs ;o)

New End Studio said...

Thank you Debbie and Stacy! I felt obligated to finish and although they're not as I wanted them to be, at least the effort to complete pushed me on. I still have a bit to go to feel 100%, hoping soon.

Stacy, I thank you, I missed being here and reading your blog and all the others, too. I still can't comment on most of them and even some I could comment on, all of a sudden the option is gone. I like the blue girl, too!