Freak Out and Throw Stuff (Not) Top Ten Tuesday Keep Calm List

Sleepless in Ohio, still recovering from the devil salad and here I am trying a new topic:  Top Ten Tuesday List.  Just for a change of pace and to read some silly sayings as well as some beautiful sentiments I wasted  enjoyed some time reading some of the nine thousand plus Keep Calm products on Etsy and elsewhere on the web.  From salad soup to nuts and champagne to chocolate for every occupation, dog breed, fantasy character and more there is a Keep Calm product.  Here are nine I liked and one I made up, along with its own image:

  • Keep Calm and Free Mr. Bates                    (Downton Abbey fans, this one's for us.)  
  • Keep Calm and Carry Chocolate                  (yummy)
  • Keep Calm and Call the Doctor                    (Doctor Who, that is.)
  • Keep Calm and Take a Nap                                                                                                     
  • Keep Calm and Then Delete, Delete, Delete!
  • Keep Calm and Love Unconditionally         (See this example)
  • Keep Calm and Click Your Heels                (In needlework.)
  • Keep Calm and Drink Tea                           (a personal favorite)
  • Keep Calm and Get Your Craft On

 and the one I made.  I enjoy irony.

Did you enjoy this selection, do you have your own personal take on Keep Calm sayings?  Share, please, and to see more Top Ten Lists, go visit Many Little Blessings.


Miss Val's Creations said...

I love these sayings. For me is is keep calm and drink wine. That always works. :)

~Brooke said...

I like your blog :-) I found it from Top Ten Tuesday(:

Lucy said...

I laughed at Keep Calm and then Delete,Delete,Delete. I have to delete a lot!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, I really love these!, but I have to admit, Keep calm and click your heels, is really cute!!! And, your's is really funny!! Hope you are better ;o) Hugs ;o)

New End Studio said...

Val, I drink to your health, ;)

Brooke, thanks for visiting, I thought your list was terrific!

Lucy, I know that one made me remember some scary moments, :0

Stacy, I couldn't resist making that one, and you know, there's no place like home. I'm feeling better day by day, thanks for that.

Thanks everyone!

Cassidy said...

Love the keep calms. I still need to watch Downton Abbey! My sister has been going on and on about it and insists that I watch it!

New End Studio said...

I hope they re-air the show before the next series (2013), there's something for almost everyone to enjoy. Poor Mrs. Bates!