December 18, 2011

Sunday Straphanger Anniversary, Kate Middleton, and Radio Wales

It's only taken me about a year to get back to this, but I finally have the photo to show.  My official BBC Radio Wales Early Birds Cereal Bowl!

When I should have been sleeping, (they are five hours ahead of me) I was listening to that radio show over the internet.  I would sometimes listen to enjoy the humor and especially the accents.  I could hear my Welsh Mom in some of their voices.

The answer to the question to win the bowl was, "Kate Middleton."  After listening for nearly an hour with all the wrong answers, I couldn't stand it any longer.  As soon as I emailed the show with the answer a caller also gave the correct answer, but even though here I am in the Midwest USA, the host and the show gave me the prize, too!  I didn't expect to win the bowl, I just wanted to stop the wrong answers! ha ha

Happy ending for Kate and William.  I have my nice bowl.  Plus, it's my wedding anniversary today, Dec. 18th.  Cheers all around.

Question for you:  do you like the change to the blog- I've changed the font style and the colors.  Mostly the change is to make more room on the sidebar to add buttons and other info, but also to make the blog easy on the eyes to read.  What do you think?  I'd appreciate the feedback.


Georgie Horn said...

I like your new blog look, the white with black writing is easy to read. Now...about the bowl...I love it! Happy Anniversary!

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Congratulations on winning the bowl.

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband!

I love the new look of your blog. How did you get it so wide? I can't seem to make mine any wider.


Magic Love Crow said...

That is so cool of you winning the cereal bowl Gloria! I really like the birds on the side, right, they are birds?
I think your blog looks great! Nice and bright and easy to read! Sorry, I thought I had commented on that before ;o)
By the way, the person who you got the pendant from, had on the back of the business card, that it was from you ;o) That's the only way I would have know! I love the pendant so much! Thanks again ;o)
I still don't have a link button on google, but I have it on internet explorer?? Who knows?

Additionsstyle said...

Happy Anniversary!! I hope you and your husband had a wonderful day.

I like the changes to your blog, and your banner is so cute, very festive.

Everyday Inspired

New End Studio said...

Thank you Georgie, Dee, Stacy, and Valerie!

Stacy, hope they fix the problem, it's been a few days now. Yes, they are birds when I first saw them I thought, Eww what are these little colored bugs doing there? ha ha, they are the Early Birds named for the show.

Dee, I'll email you the directions.

Anyone wanting to widen their blog page, go to Template, then Customize, then Adjust Widths. Move the button on the width bar and see how your blog adjusts as your buttons, sidebars, header etc. will need maybe a little fine tuning. After you get the width you want, Save, Apply to Blog. Voila.

I've had to make several headers as I played with the widths.

I hope the blog is not too wide for all the different monitors out there.

Thanks for visiting!