It's Bigger Inside Than it Looks Tardis in Shed of the Year Contest

With K-9 (2)I'm still waiting for a nice shed for my yard.  One to potter about inside or one to open up the doors wide and sit with a drink and a new magazine.  More like a big girl playhouse with pretty curtains and a place to get away for a solitary, melancholy mood.

Still waiting and then I came across these sheds.  If you know about The Tardis and Doctor Who, you might find these suitable for a little spot in your backyard, too.

very snowy Tardis

All of these sheds and more can be viewed at :TARDIS where there are hundreds of all designs of sheds and there is a Shed of the Year Contest each year.  The last image the owner said, "I don't think of it as just a shed - more a David Tennant trap."  Oh yes.


Katherines Corner said...

Love these!!!! Hugs

Additionsstyle said...

These look very cool, I would love to have one in my backyard. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday!
Everyday Inspired

Magic Love Crow said...

So cute!!! Love them!

New End Studio said...

Except for the Tardis in their back gardens, these homes look as sedate as the neighbors', it's that quirkiness that makes me appreciate their ingenuity. I want them to come and build me one, too.