September 20, 2011

The End of Summer Aceo Collage

Summer's ending is not set in stone, despite the calendar, the solstice, or back to school sales.  It means so many different things to each of us, depending which side of the equator you are on will also confuse us here.

When I was young, we always tried to get one more beach trip in before school started.  We couldn't wait to get that first glimpse of the soil changing colors from dark brown to reddish, and finally to sand.  The tree species would change, the land became flatter, we could drive for miles without seeing any buildings/shops/houses- it was a full out production to get to the shore.

Once there, the smell of the salt water ocean was intoxicating.  The ocean was deep green and brown, with little whitecaps on the waves.  It was safe to walk barefoot on the beach, unlike now with the heaps of garbage of all types depositing.  Walking barefoot and feeling the sand erode with each wave was fun and dizzying.

The Aceo Challenge theme for September is what the end of summer means to me.  Since I can't incorporate so many ideas into one little aceo, I made this one, with little bits and pieces of summer excursions, wrapped up and put away, loved forever, if only in memory.   If you click on the image, the view is larger.


Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, very special! There is a lot of meaning in this aceo!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Really amazing work Gloria! I love it.

New End Studio said...

Stacey and Deb, thank you so much!

laurie said...

thats beautiful, just beautiful!!

New End Studio said...

Hi Laurie, and thanks so much!