Falling Into Autumn

After having a recent birthday, I think I am getting younger not older.  A few weeks ago I walked into the open desk drawer and now I have a three inch long scar to remind me of it, and this morning I took a really bad fall while working in the yard.  What's up with me and getting new scars?  I thought that was long behind me, I've got scars on my body from so many mishaps.  I really didn't need this to happen today.  Who does?

This photo, is not mine, I found it on the web, but it is how both of my knees look, a deep gash, though mine is more crescent shaped, and add a big lump on each knee.  I also bruised and scraped my right arm and twisted both wrists.  My face had a little scraping, not too much.  I can't hold the camera to take a photo, plus I really don't want to be reminded of this once I've healed.

I broke my turtle when I fell, a pottery one, not a live one, and had to get my husband to finish the work I was doing.  The irritating part is I'm allergic to most bandages and adhesive tapes so it's really hard to keep these cuts covered.  I get welts and start bleeding where the bandage touches my skin.  Last week I had a blood test and within two minutes of the adhesive tape being on my arm, there were welts all around it and I couldn't get the tape off soon enough.  Latex free tapes make the welts as do the regular tapes.

Hoping to feel better tomorrow, going to put the ice back on now and see if the bleeding will stop.  I really don't want to go for stitches if I can avoid it.   Will let you know how this goes.  Has anyone used the scar remover, "Mederma?" or something like it; I think I need it.


Chris said...

ouch sounds positively nasty

The Krafty Cupcake said...

Ouch!! That looks dreadful. WE have Bio-oil in the UK which is great for Scaring, Stretch marks that kind of thing, it works too. With age comes clumsiness!! I am a great example of that! Take care of yourself - wrap yourself in plastic bubble wrap - that should do the trick. Sue x

Additionsstyle said...

I'm glad that photo of that knee isn't yours. Bummer about all your mishaps, hopefully they will all heal with minimal scaring.
Everyday Inspired

Katherines Corner said...

ouch, I'm so happy that photo isn't your knees. that wound needs sutures stat. Please be careful ( my husband says that to me all of the time) Big hugs and be careful, no harm saying it twice :-)

New End Studio said...

Hi and thanks for the well wishes.

I didn't want to mention the gory details or the pain.

We have Bio Oil here, I just saw a tv ad for it yesterday- coincidence? I'm going to look in the store for it, thanks, I didn't know it was for scarring. Bubble wrap, pop, pop, pop ha ha!!!

I don't know if I tripped over a tree root or a paving stone, it's slow motion and a blur.

You all take care, too! Thanks!

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so sorry Gloria!!! I am sending good healing thoughts!!! Do you have an aloe plant? If you do, break off one of the leaves and use the gel inside ;o) Take Care!

New End Studio said...

Hi Stacy thanks for the suggestion and the good thoughts. Don't have an aloe plant, I forgot about the healing properties it has. Going to add that to the list for when I can drive again, in a few days, I hope.

laurie said...

oh so painful my gosh thats terible!! I hope you heal quickly!!!

Ed Pilolla said...

hope you feel better. bumps and bruises do come in bunches for me too.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Sorry to hear about this. I hope you are back to creating soon!

New End Studio said...

Thanks, Laurie- it seems like only yesterday I was a little skinned knees girl, oh wait, I am again. ha ha

Thanks, Ed- if only good things would come in sets, too!

Thanks, Deb- I'm going to use this as an excuse not to cook, just kidding.