August 19, 2011

Jo-Ann Fails ABCs Update

Dear o ann fa r and raft stores  remember this post?

A little update, I received this email from JoAnn on July 4 at 6:59pm:

"Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Customer Service.
Please be assured, your concerns are important to us, and we will respond to your email in the order it was received.
If your matter needs an immediate response, please call us at 1-888-739-4120 Monday through Saturday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Eastern time.


Subject: Product Inquiry

name: New End Studio
city : blogspot" 

From July 5th until now, August 19th,  there has been no response from the company.

By the way, I drove the distance and returned the package to the store.  On the way home I stopped in a depressing, dark, and somewhat dirty discount store- the type of store that if you bother to "hunt" you can find a bargain.  I found a stencil there for 25 cents!  It wasn't exactly in the material I was looking for, but it had all 26 letters, plus lowercase letters, plus numbers, and some symbols- it'll do for now.

Would you drop this or keep after Jo-Ann?


Sharon said...

I have to tell you honestly. I would not give up because it may not be the object itself that you are upset with as much now as before but for me it would be the principal.....They should stand behind there product and if it were me that would be my dispute...Good Luck in whatever decision you make...Have a wonderful day.

♥ Miss Tea said...

it's frustating when things like that happened, i too would agree with sharon, it needs to be resolved as it's not about the money but i'm a type of person who just need answer till i'm satisfied :)

i can't believe u found a stencil for 25cent! nowadays u dont find things like that for that price!


New End Studio said...

Thanks Sharon and Susan, yes, it's not about the money, it's about crummy products and corporate not taking any interest in their own brand and reputation. Children and teachers have enough to deal with and being given a product such as this to work with is simply ridiculous.

Yes, 25 cents and the only stencil in the store- I got lucky! Lottery next! Just dreaming...