What's Doing Wednesday? Butterfly Story Mixed Media Aceo

She fell apart but the angels put her back together with one of their own wings and a feather for ballast and attraction.  Since she was broken she thought she'd never fly again and no one would think she was beautiful, but the angels told her to look past her condition to her spirit, and so she has.

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I wish this image was a better one, but at the moment, the memory card and readers are not working, so this image is from the scanner which made the text boundaries a bit blurry, which they aren't in seeing it for yourself. 
When the reader is fixed or replaced, I'll make a new image.  This has stopped me from adding new photos, too.  Ahh, technology.


Sunshineshelle said...

Beautiful words & beautiful image :), don't worry about technology, the image, it's wonderful!!!

New End Studio said...

Thank you so much Shelle, I really appreciate your comment!

priti.lisa said...

How pretty! I like the story too.
And the tree-heart!

New End Studio said...

Hi priti.lisa, Thanks for liking this and you saw the tree heart- I see it all the time through my kitchen window.